Red Wing Roots Music Festival set for July 10-12

RedWingRoots_photo by RubySky1The  third  annual  Red  Wing  Roots  Music  Festival  takes  place  next  week,   July  10-‐12,  at  Natural  Chimneys  Park  in  Mount  Solon.

As  always,  the  festival  will  be  hosted   by  the  Shenandoah  Valley’s  very  own  The  Steel  Wheels  and  presented  by  WNRN  and  South   Street  Brewery.

“Red  Wing  aims  to  provide  a  beautiful  outdoor  experience  to  discover  and  enjoy  great  music   with  friends  and  family,”  said  Trent  Wagler,  The  Steel  Wheels’  lead  singer  and  primary   songwriter.  “That  discovery  is  what  I  am  most  excited  about  this  year.  We  have  some   amazing  established  acts  in  the  lineup  this  year,  but  I  want  people  to  come  to  Red  Wing   prepared  to  walk  away  with  at  least  two  or  three  favorites  they  had  never  heard  of  before   the  weekend.”

The  festival  will  feature  35  bands  performing  on  four  different  stages,  each  bringing  their   own  approach  to  traditional  American  musical  forms.  Headlining  acts  include  Robert  Earl   Keen,  Punch  Brothers,  Sara  Watkins  –  Sarah  Jarosz  –  Aoife  O’Donovan:  2015  I’m  With  Her   Tour,  The  Wood  Brothers,  Spirit  Family  Reunion,  The  Steel  Wheels,  The  Travelin’  McCourys   and  Nikki  Lane.

In  addition  to  musical  performances,  the  family-­‐friendly  festival  will  offer  community   dances,  kids  activities,  food  and  craft  vendors  and  easy  access  to  the  Shenandoah  Valley’s   phenomenal  outdoor  recreation  opportunities,  including  organized  bike  rides  led  by  the   Shenandoah  Bicycle  Coalition.

The  Red  Wing  Roots  Music  Festival  is  an  environmentally   aware  event,  and  organizers  encourage  attendees  to  use  their  own  reusable  beverage   containers.  Souvenir  steel  cups  can  also  be  purchased  on-­‐site.  Drinking  water  will  be   available  for  free,  while  craft  beer  and  wine  will  be  sold  in  the  South  Street  Beer  Garden.     The  Steel  Wheels  founded  the  Red  Wing  Roots  Music  Festival  in  2013  to  bring  home  to  the   Shenandoah  Valley  the  exciting  atmosphere  they  experienced  while  performing  at  festivals   all  over  the  country.

Natural  Chimneys  Park  is  a  beautiful  location  in  the  heart  of  the   Shenandoah  Valley,  near  Harrisonburg,  Staunton  and  Charlottesville.  In  the  festival’s  first   two  years,  attendees  have  been  treated  to  the  wealth  of  national  talent  performing  at  Red   Wing  as  well  as  numerous  local  bands  from  the  Valley’s  rich  musical  scene.

Last  year’s  second  Red  Wing  Roots  Music  Festival  built  on  the  success  of  the  first  event,   drawing  approximately  2,750  visitors  who  loved  the  music,  the  beauty  of  the  setting,  and   the  intimate,  friendly  atmosphere.

Determined  to  keep  that  atmosphere,  organizers  are   limiting  ticket  sales  to  3,000  this  year.

With  sales  running  far  ahead  of  this  time  last  year,   fans  are  encouraged  to  buy  tickets  soon  while  supplies  last.  Although  Premium  RV  camping   at  Natural  Chimneys  Park  sold  out  quickly,  on-­‐site  tent  camping  passes  are still available.

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