How to make your Mac computer run much faster in a hurry

mac computerAs a Mac computer owner, there is a pretty good chance that you’ve come to love the Mac operating system. You probably enjoy the basic set up and the easy to use interface. The thought of going back to Windows is likely unwelcomed. The good news is that Mac computers are pretty durable and they can last for many, many years. Unfortunately, they can experience performance issues over the years. With time, there is a possibility that your computer will begin to slow. Below, you will find tips for getting your Mac up and running at full speed once again.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Apps

First and foremost, you should go ahead and get rid of unnecessary apps. Almost all computers arrive with pre-installed programs and Macs are no different. If you’re not going to use these programs, you should get rid of them. They’re just clogging up space and using up vital resources. Access the computer’s settings and visit the applications feature. From there, you will find an entire list of the programs installed on the computer. Simply right click on the ones you do not use and remove them immediately.

Freeing Up Space With Monolingual

While you’re at it, you’ll also want to run the free app called Monolingual. This program is incredibly beneficial for clearing up significant space in a hurry. It will remove alternative languages for the many programs that you use. If you’re unable to speak Arabic or Basque, you really do not need these language files. Remove them and get your computer running a little quicker almost immediately.

Checking The Activity Monitor

One of the best ways to speed up Macbook Pro is by checking out the activity monitor. The activity monitor will show you each and every program currently running on your computer. In fact, it will also show programs that are running in the background. When looking at the activity monitor, there is a good chance that you will see programs that are consuming a significant amount of CPU. Close these programs, if they’re not necessary for standard operating procedures. You can open the activity monitor by visiting the Applications Utilities.

Adding More Memory

Before going any further, you’ll also want to consider adding more RAM to your computer. RAM is vital for keeping your computer lightning fast. Thankfully, the price of RAM has decreased significantly during the past few years. Therefore, you should definitely consider adding more RAM to your Mac computer. Just make sure that you purchase the right RAM in advance. Otherwise, you’ll have problems in the future.

Removing Apps From Startup

Finally, you should remove all unnecessary apps from your startup. If you do not use these programs, you definitely do not want them starting when your computer is booted up. Just head to your System Preferences and click on accounts. Then, you can find your login items. Remove anything that you consider unneeded or unwanted. In return, this will make your computer run much faster when it first starts up each day!

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