Letter: We should speak up for the EPA clean water rule

earth-newYour recent article titled “Virginia Local Officials Voice Support For EPA Proposed Clean Water Rule” highlights the numerous values of our waterways.  I am thankful that over a dozen local officials in Virginia have voiced their support for the EPA Rule to clarify Clean Water Act protections and keep waterways from the Shenandoah River to the Chesapeake safe from unchecked pollution.  But that is not enough.  During the joint hearing today in Congress, many members attacked the Rule.  If we care about our waterways then we must demand Virginia’s Senators come to its defense.

As an avid sportsman, I care about clean and healthy waterways for hunting and fishing.  Equally crucial, however, is the necessity of protecting our drinking water, which, without this rule, remains at risk for over 2 million Virginians.  Virginians need to stick up for their water against the interests of big polluters and demand Senator Kaine fight for the clean waterways they deserve.

– Letter from Jack Braun, Richmond, Va.

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