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Cuccinelli joins group backing Arizona immigration law

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has joined a coalition of nine states filing an amicus brief in federal court supporting Arizona’s new immigration reform law.

“In creating immigration laws over the years, Congress created a joint federal-state cooperative immigration enforcement program,” Cuccinelli said in a statement released on Wednesday. “States merely report the immigration status of persons they have lawfully detained to the federal government. They do not make determinations regarding deportation, as that is a federal matter. While much of border enforcement is left to the federal government, federal law expressly allows states to arrest people who are not legally present in the United States. Arizona’s law doesn’t change any of this. That’s why we are stunned that the government has sued Arizona.”

The amicus brief, filed on Wednesday in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona, defends Arizona’s and all states’ authority to concurrently enforce federal immigration laws, especially in light of the selective and even lack of enforcement of those laws by the federal government.

On July 6, 2010, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder filed a lawsuit against Arizona and its governor, Jan Brewer, to stop implementation of the state’s new immigration law. In its suit, the Obama administration alleges that Arizona’s law is preempted by federal law and seeks an injunction against its enforcement.

The nine states that have signed the brief are Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Nebraska and South Dakota. One U.S. territory, the Northern Mariana Islands, has also joined. The coalition of states is being led by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox.

Edited by Chris Graham. Chris can be reached at freepress2@ntelos.net.

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  • James Costello

    I am a life long Democrat but if the lawsuit against Arizona continues I will not vote Democratic or donate any more money to the party. The country is being invaded and everyone looks the other way. As far as “Jobs Americans will not do” well I know plenty of Americans that would love to have jobs at the Campbells plant or at the various hatcheries in our area but most would have a hard time commucating because most of the forman speak better mexican than english so they hire mostly mexicans. Everyone is always saying, where are the jobs going?,why are things so bad? Well how much money is wasted on people that are here illegally. Every time I go to the store there is always a bunch of people that can not speak english paying with the lone star card and taking advantage of the wick program. Normally after these people take advantage of the wellfare system they pull out thier wallet and pay for the wine and case after case of beer. I am sick of these people and the gangs. Someone has to do something.

  • Chris Graham

    For what it’s worth, I’m also a lifelong Democrat, and I, too, would be prepared to stop giving to the Democratic cause over this, but only if the party were to back off its effort to fight this insane Arizona law. It’s time we stop blaming various boogiemen for our problems and face the music. The source of our economic woes is not immigrants taking all the good jobs in poultry plants and in the landscaping and fast-food sectors. It’s the incentives that we allow to be sanctioned to benefit inefficient industries, most notably financial services and energy.

  • Raymond Firehock

    I am not paying AG Cucinelli’s salary so he can tilt at windmills on the national scene — climate change, EPA, health care, and now immigration. Surely there is plenty to do right here in Virginia by the attorney genera. Our chief lawyer and his hundreds of helpers ought to be about that work:
    * Providing legal advice and representation in court for the Governor and the state government in general
    * Providing legal advice, official opinions, to members of the Virginia General Assembly and local government officials
    * Defending the state in cases of criminal appeals and suits against the state
    * Defending the constitutionality of state laws
    * Collecting money owed to various state institutions
    That last one is particularly appealing in these diffcult times. If the actual duties of the AG are not enough to keep Mr. Cucinelli’s little band of legal trolls busy, maybe we could really save some money by laying off lawyers (along with all the policemen, teachers, road workers, counselors, and other casualties of trying to save out way our of recession).

  • afp

    Press release:
    The Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia (DLOV) condemns Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s decision to file an amicus brief to defend of the state of Arizona in the United States’ lawsuit against Arizona’s SB 1070 and demands that Virginia’s political leaders reject Arizona SB 1070 type legislation.

    The Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia (DLOV) condemns on constitutional, moral, fiscal and practical grounds the decision of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to file an amicus brief to defend the State of Arizona in the case of the United States against Arizona’s SB 1070.

    “Instead of encouraging his fellow Republicans on the national level and in Virginia to pass comprehensive immigration reform, Attorney General Cuccinelli has decided to participate in yet another action against the Federal Government” said Rebecca Jaramillo, DLOV Executive Board member from Fauquier County. “AG Cuccinelli has again, used his office and financial resources of the Commonwealth, during a time of scarce resources, to further his political career and bolster his Tea Party credentials.”

    In contrast, Governor McDonnell has publicly stated that he believes Virginia’s current immigration enforcement program, which requires that anyone entering our criminal justice system be checked for immigration status, keeps Virginia safe and protects the civil rights of our citizens. Yet, his Attorney General has joined a group of Republican Attorneys General to fight a symbolic, but costly, battle that pushes Virginia in a negative way back into the national spotlight.

    We call on Governor McDonnell and the Members of the General Assembly to reject Arizona SB 1070 type legislation.

    DLOV urges Democrats and Republicans in Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill promptly so that these issues can be resolved in an orderly, fiscally and morally responsible manner. DLOV supports strong border enforcement as part of a reform of our current immigration system and a legal path to citizenship with appropriate requirements for long-time law-abiding residents. The overwhelming majority of documented and undocumented immigrants who live in Virginia and in the US are hard-working people who want to come out of the shadows, move to legal residency, pay taxes, learn English and continue on a path toward citizenship that contributes to our nation’s fabric and economy. They want to follow in the footsteps of the rest of us, whose families arrived on these shores to achieve the American Dream.

    The Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia (DLOV) is a political committee that fosters participation of Latinos with the Democratic Party and supports candidates who embrace policies that benefit the Latino community in Virginia.

  • afp

    Press release: ACLU
    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has submitted a friend-of-the-court brief in U.S. District Court in Arizona supporting that state’s controversial new law requiring police to check the immigration status of any person they detain and have “reasonable suspicion” to believe is in the country illegally.

    In May, the American Civil Liberties Union and a coalition of other leading civil rights organizations filed a lawsuit challenging the law on grounds that it invites the racial profiling of people of color, violates the First Amendment, and interferes with federal law. Last week, the Obama administration filed a separate lawsuit claiming that the law unconstitutionally usurps federal authority.

    Joining Cuccinelli on the brief are attorneys general from Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas.

    “While not completely surprised, we are disappointed that Attorney General Cuccinelli is supporting Arizona’s anti-immigrant law,” said ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Kent Willis. “Laws that encourage discrimination based on race or nationality have no place in a nation that values fairness and equality.”

    “In recent years, Virginia’s lawmakers have rejected anti-immigrant legislation that would have increased racial profiling,” added Willis. “But the attention generated by the new Arizona law and now the Attorney General’s support for it are cause for concern. Prior to the 2011 General Assembly, we’ll be mobilizing our members and allies to make sure that Arizona’s law does not come to Virginia.”

    The passage of the Arizona law recently led Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart to launch his statewide “Rule of Law” campaign to bring a similar law to Virginia. Stewart wants state laws that increase police powers to conduct background checks and make arrests without warrants. He also wants to prohibit day laborers from soliciting for work.

    Stewart was an instigator of a nationally-watched proposal in Prince William County in 2007 to give police the authority to conduct immigration status checks on anyone they had detained whom they suspected of being unlawfully present. Stewart’s proposal, which was modified after the ACLU of Virginia and other rights groups opposed it, would have required proof of citizenship in order to use public services, such as parks and libraries.

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  • USA for European-Whites only. Let’s use our laws to deport all minorities from this Anglo-Saxon built land. Hispanics, Latinos, Blacks and Jews should start thinking about moving to their lands of origins, no more USA. Support Arizona, SB 1070, the Arizona Governor, the Tea Party, and the White People’s party. Good Job FAIR and Aryan Nation, we are on a roll. 11 states and counting.

  • Defend Liberty

    Straw man argument, Rich. I’ve never heard anyone in the sb1070 debate say anything about blacks or Jews, and the hispanics they talk about are ones here illegally. Are you saying anyone should be able to sneak into the country with no repercussions?

  • NewsJunkie

    1. Rich is a bona fide racist to even think such.
    2. I too have been more on the Democratic side over the years, but after today’s rulings, I will not vote in that direction anytime soon. It’s just amazing how laws are in place, yet nobody wants to enforce them unless they are contrary to what illegals want.

    Unless Barack takes on this issue head up and makes some moves for Americans, he is a 1 term president!!

  • ProArizona

    Let’s just say that law is law and whether afp or anyone else wants to accept it, though. This country was built on laws, not lawbreakers. Illegal immigrants are just that..Illegal. They drain our system. Let them come in legally like so many do and stop having anchor babies. Now is the time for us to do something. Call me racist or whatever, I don’t care anymore. Being politically correct here is politically wrong and is what is destroying this country. I am all for Arizona and the 8 other states. I hope more states follow. Until our elected officials get tough on border security and illegal immigrants, I for one will vote against them.

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