Angela Lynn response to Medicaid expansion failure

angela lynnThe General Assembly halted Gov. McAuliffe’s attempt to expand Medicaid across Virginia earlier this week. House of Delegates candidate Angela Lynn released the following statement.

“The State Assembly’s Republicans’ refusal to expand Medicaid coverage across Virginia is fiscally and morally irresponsible, and displays a callous disregard for Virginia’s most vulnerable. Expanding Medicaid would insure around 400,000 Virginians who are currently without healthcare, often at times of greatest need.

“Republicans argue that allowing more Virginians access to medical care would increase the budget, but numerous solutions have emerged. The medical community has even offered to solve the problem themselves: Virginia’s hospitals are willing to cover the state’s share of the expansion. Moreover, expanding Medicaid will save our budget $73 million annually, and boost our economy by creating up to 3,000 jobs and leading to a healthier workforce. Despite these benefits to the budget—and conveniently ignoring the fact that they’re leaving tens of billions of dollars in federal funding on the table—the Republican legislature is content to play political gamesmanship with Virginians’ lives.

“Republicans have also argued that Medicaid shouldn’t be expanded because the Affordable Care Act is going to be repealed. If recent history is our guide, that repeal will be a long time coming, if ever. More importantly, however, even if the ACA is repealed, 400,000 more citizens would have access to health care during that period.

“The failure of our Representatives to do right by the people is a dark mark on our Commonwealth. Virginians deserve better.”

Lynn is running for Virginia’s House of Delegates’ 25th District seat against Steve Landes, the 11-term incumbent. She is a former higher education administrator at the University of William and Mary and National Trainer with DHS/FEMA, and has taught in Virginia public schools.

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