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Tips on what to do after a car accident

car accident
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You never get into your car expecting to be involved in an accident. If you did, you would not get behind the wheel to avoid it happening. But every day there are thousands of cars accident in the US, and people sustain injuries through no fault of their own. What you can do after a car accident depends on how bad the crash is and how seriously you have been injured. There are some things that every accident victim should do, assuming they are in a position to do so.

Get Clear of the Accident

It is wise to get yourself clear of the accident scene so that if any other vehicles run into it you are not risking further injury. If possible, move your car to the side of the road too and then it will be less of a hazard to other road users.

Call the Police

The police will send an officer to the accident scene. They will speak with everyone involved, make notes about road conditions and several other factors. From the information they gather they will compile a report, and this could be vital if the accident results in a lawsuit or compensation claim.

Get Checked Out

When you are wondering what you should do after a car accident, the one thing that many victims do not bother with is getting themselves medically checked out. This can be a big mistake as not all injuries are immediately apparent to the victim, but a doctor will spot them and treat them accordingly. In fact, some injuries, such as internal one, can be life-threatening if they are not dealt with quickly. The doctor you visit will generate a medical report as part of their normal procedures, and that could become very useful at a later date.

Speak with A Car Accident Lawyer

You should speak with a car accident lawyer to find out what your legal position is. If you were not to blame for the accident you could be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and loss of income among other things. Making a claim is a complex procedure and it will have more chance of success with experts on your side.

They will also be able to assist you with dealing with your insurance company who will initially try to make a low offer to settle your claim. In this situation, you should not accept any offers without consulting with your lawyer first.

Take Time to Recover

Even if you walk away from the accident unscathed, it is still a shock to the system, and you need to give yourself some time to recover. Just take it easy for a day or two and let your mind and body accept what has happened and get back to normal.

Stay Safe

Research has shown that more than a quarter of the accidents on US roads are caused by drivers being distracted. Often this is because of a cell phone, and you really should make it a rule not to use yours while you are driving. Avoid other distractions too. Don’t try to eat or drink while you are driving and do your hair and makeup before you leave home not when you are behind the wheel. This might seem obvious to most drivers, but accidents are caused by drivers doing things like this every day.

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