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Sanford D. Horn | Rush to bad judgment

Congress and Barack Obama have mastered hurry up and wait to an art form; but it’s an art form that should rankle the American people to their core.
Obama wasted taxpayer dollars giving campaign-esque speeches in Elkhart, Ind., East Peoria, Ill., and Fort Myers, Fla., demanding that Congress pass the so-called stimulus package as quickly as possible to meet his self-imposed deadline. The rush was no doubt to avoid having the details reach the light of day as the American people would wretch in horror if they knew how their hard-earned money was being given away, thus mortgaging their grandchildren’s futures.

The rush was such that not one member of either house of Congress could legitimately claim they actually read the 1,000-plus page bill cover to cover. Any member who makes such a claim is a liar and should be removed from their cushy-tushy position for perjury. At a rate of roughly 650 words per minute, it would take 12 continuous hours to pour through the monstrosity, according to Mike Huckabee.

That a vote was taken on such a behemoth of a piece of legislation is irresponsible at the very least and perhaps even criminal. Every member who voted for this albatross should be recalled on the grounds of misconduct, misappropriation of taxpayer funds and irresponsibility. How can anyone in good conscience vote for something they have not read. Who’s to say some congressional aide didn’t slip some language into the bill declaring war on Canada or giving voting rights to birds?

Shrieker of the House Nancy Pelosi and seven of her Democratic colleagues were in a rush to leave on their so-called working junket to Italy. Not flying a commercial airplane, the eight Democrats could have delayed their taxpayer-funded flight at least a couple of days in order to actually do their jobs and read the bill prior to voting for it instead of automatically knee-jerk liberally voting blindly on the largest spending bill in the nation’s history. More irresponsibility.

And on top of all the insanity, after the rush job by Congress to get the crap package to Obama’s desk, there it sits until Tuesday, Feb. 17, at the earliest when he will probably sign it – in Denver, using more taxpayer money. That is the epitome of irresponsibility – especially when Congress could have taken three or four more days to read the document that will irrevocably alter the economics of the United States.

Adding insult to injury, literally, were the unbelievably arrogant remarks made on the Senate floor by Charles (Chucky Schmucky) Schumer (D-N.Y.). “And let me say this to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little, tiny, yes, porky amendments, the American people really don’t care.

Apparently more than 1,500 people cared, and cared enough send bags of pork rinds to Schumer’s office at the behest of Leland Conway of 630-WLAP radio in Lexington, Ky. Kudos to his listeners! We the aggravated and insulted should continue this effort. Schumer’s D.C. office address is 313 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510. The telephone number to his office is 202.224.6542. Send pork rinds, call and express your anger and displeasure in Schumer, but be polite and take the high road. Messages must be sent and efforts to defeat these scoundrels must occur in earnest.


– Column by Sanford D. Horn