Postgame: UVA football coach Bronco Mendenhall on win over Ohio U.

bronco mendenhallOpening Statement:
“In a football game, every rep matters. And you saw the different situations and some of the things that we did well and some of the inconsistencies that we certainly have to get fixed. And so, the game was an exact manifestation of why we needed the game and why we needed to play. And winning is important, any game is hard to win. We needed the game and I’m proud of my guys.”

On the Teams Resilience:
“I saw resilience and the need to keep executing. I saw the resilience necessary because of miscues on our part. So, a turnover right before the half when we allow a sack, they drill the kick off right into one of our guys and we hadn’t worked on that, didn’t get out of the way and didn’t recover it. So simple things like that, at the end a dropped punt, those kinds of things are the exact reason more volume, more pressure, more stress to uncover it all while we win.”

On Olamide Zaccheaus Performance:
“Biggest play of the game was the third down at the end where it looks like if they have a chance to stop us there, you know, who knows in terms of maybe not a win, but it’s even closer. Yards after the catch were critical and it looked a lot like the play in the first half.”

On Matt Gahm and [Zane Zandier] linebackers:
“[Zane Zandier] in both the first two games came into the game and played anywhere from 12 to 15 plays in game one and two and out-rated anybody else so it was good for him to earn that opportunity while [Malcolm Cook] was hurt. And [Matt Gahm] is kind of [Chris Peace’s] understudy and [Chris Peace] can’t play every play and get pressure every play, so yeah, we need the next tier of players in our depth and that’s clear after game three that there is going to have to be a handful more still that are able to play.

On Moving on to Louisville:
“First of all, the maturity to handle this unique trip I think was huge, the ability to play the game. And, again, exposing strengths and weaknesses was huge. And just that alone builds momentum and helps us improve going into the next one.

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