PMP certification process and requirements

PMP certification

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a recognized necessity for project managers. PMP provides strategies, skills, and education required to handle and lead projects. For every professional who wishes to earn a good name in the global market, PMP certification has become a must. PMP certification helps professionals meet the criteria required to fulfill the needs of the clients from any corner of the world. PMP provides a set of formal training experience and tested knowledge to its professionals that help them to maintain their peace of mind while supervising challenging projects.

Companies might recruit project managers from different cultural backgrounds, so there was a need for a universal set of skills and protocol to manage any kind of project in a standardized way. It is not just about the gaining of skills, but a PMP certified professional earns comparatively higher salaries than their counterpart. PMP certification Baltimore provides you an edge over others because of your well-planned network of professionals from all over the world.

Benefits of PMP Certification

  • Sets You Apart From the World

A PMP certified professional has gained a standardized knowledge regarding handling tricky projects and have the required credentials to prove his caliber by managing the staff in a way to maximize profits with minimal time consumption.

  • An Asset for the Company

Every company these days is searching for an efficient project manager, and PMP certification is considered as the basic criteria for the same. Not only for the new hiring, but PMP certification has also been made compulsory from the promotion point of view in the existing company.

  • Market Expansion

There are many companies all over the world that prefer PMP professionals over anyone else. You can apply for jobs in any corner of the world with a standardized set of languages that you learn while PMP certification.

  • Command Higher Pay Scale

It is observed that the average starting salary of a PMP professional is estimated to be around $90,000, which is at least 20 percent higher than a non-PMP. Being a PMP professional is a known way to earn higher living standards by gaining efficient skills in project management.

  • Making Career Switch

If you are looking for a change in profession, get yourself PMP certified. This will provide you enough of capabilities that will help you to gain a higher position even after lacking years of experience.

  • Better Project Performance

Professionals who lack PMP certification perform less efficiently than their certified peers. They can handle more challenging projects as they are subjected to rigorous challenges during their certification process that includes five basic areas of project management. These five basic zones provide a newbie project manager with tools that help him with a set of standardized actionable practices including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closing of the project.

Certification Process

PMP certification requires its applicants to satisfy some basic criteria in education as well as experience to be able to appear for the certification.

  • Educational Requirement

An aspirant must possess a minimum higher secondary qualification for appearing in the PMP certification test. Whereas, the maximum required qualification may go as high as graduation or post graduation degree.

  • Experience Requirement

The experience requirement varies according to your educational qualification. If you are a higher secondary pass out then you must have a minimum experience of 5 years in project management, which should include at least 7500 hrs of leading and managing projects. Whereas, for a graduate or a post graduate the work experience is reduced to 3 years and a total of field project handling for 4500 hrs.

  • Complete Application

Once you are sure that you fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria you can proceed to apply. These are the following set of information that you should keep handy before you start applying       for PMP certification:

  • Contact Information: contact number, e-mail ID and your permanent address.
  • Educational Qualification: school attended, level of qualification attained, and the passing date.
  • Project Experience: details of projects and programs handled as a project manager, experience in hours, the company you have worked with, your roles, and experience summary.
  • Domain education: mention the name of the course attended, institutions, dates, and the qualifying hours.

Once you open the application, it will be active for 90 days that is for the duration of three months and after that, it will close.

  • Application Review

Once the application is complete, it is verified that the mentioned educational and eligibility criteria of the certification is met as per the guidelines stated in certification handbook.

It will take a maximum of 5 to 10 days for the review process and after that, an email is sent in order to instruct the professionals with further directions.

For each batch of certification, a specified percentage of applications are selected for audit, and the experience and educational qualification are carefully monitored for the randomly selected candidates.

  • Payment

After receiving the confirmation for the approval of the application, a professional needs to move forward to the payment process.

Once the payment is received, an eligibility number is issued to the professionals that can be used for future reference and for scheduling the test appointment.

  • Scheduling Test Appointment

Once you are declared eligible, an e-mail containing the instructions as well as the eligibility number is sent to the applicants. One can easily schedule the examination appointment online or through telephonic conversation.

PMP provides its applicants a facility to appear in the exam thrice if he is not able to pass the certification criteria in the first attempt. But the additional charges for re-examination are $ 375 for each time they appear.

Although being PMP certified is expensive, the perks offered by this certification are worth the cost. With higher expected salaries and a wider international market, PMP certification helps its professionals to earn globally with much ease. Once a professional is PMP certified, he can handle challenging projects in the most profitable way, thus, acting as an asset for the organization it serves.

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