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Top 5 SEO tricks to improve your company’s Google rankings

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To get to the top 10 search engine results pages in less than one year, it takes a lot of skill, hard work, and luck. And it takes us to the subject of today’s discussion about how to improve your company’s Google ranking.

Therefore, if you want to increase conversions and sales by taking your site to Google’s first page, here are 5 steps to take.

1). Begin with a strong foundation

Poor information architecture and website structure may doom even the best search engine optimization campaigns.

If your site is hard for Google to crawl and users to navigate, your rankings will probably suffer.

Consider “usability first” on mobile platforms. That’s the road to success.

Do a technical search engine optimization audit

Google’s algorithm integrates hundreds of signals, in addition to machine learning to determine its search rankings.

With that being said, tending to the search engine optimization basics will provide you an advantage over a lot of the competition.

Fix duplicate content

Issues with duplicate content are frequently associated with technical problems. The most typical one being several versions of the exact same page. This may be resolved by setting the correct redirect rules in the .htaccess file

2). Let your search engine marketing services optimize your website for mobile

With the search engines rolling out their mobile-first index, your site must pass the Mobile-Friendly Test.

According to Google, their indexing, crawling, and ranking systems typically have utilized the desktop variant of a page’s content. Mobile-first indexing will mean that they will utilize the mobile variant of the page for ranking and indexing.

To stay clear of a mobile ranking meltdown, get search engine marketing services to double down on mobile performance and tasks.


Consider what visitors want to do on your website when they land on it. They must have the ability to perform these basic tasks seamlessly and without challenges, even when multitasking.

What are the first 3 – 5 goals of your website’s users? Make sure that they’re able to be effortlessly achieved on your mobile site.


Do your users find themselves endlessly scrolling to access the products or services you provide?

Do images bog down your website’s loading times?

Did you have any idea that Google is going to be using page speed as a mobile search factor for ranking?

Loading time is a major factor on mobile devices, especially since the majority of the connections on mobile are usually slower than the ones of personal computers.

3). Optimize for speed

For both desktop or mobile, your search engine marketing services must continually observe the speed and keep on improving it.

Here is how to perform page speed optimization:

Image file size

Utilize your favorite image editing plan.

Before your search engine marketing services uploads, they may further optimize images by utilizing an image optimizer and compression tool.

Finally, confirm that the image’s dimensions fit into the reserved image area to keep a structured, clean look on your live page.

Browser caching

Once a web browser loads the page, it’ll load numerous resources. Browser caching will store those resource files locally upon a users’ computer. This way, once a visitor navigates to a new page, these resources don’t need to be loaded again.

For the majority of websites, the best way to allow browser caching is by adding code to the web server/host .htaccess file.

Script handling

Before you load endless CSS and JS files to enhance your website, be certain that your search engine marketing services know if you really need these additional augmentations as they wind up slowing down your site.

It’s also possible to minify the files by stripping comments, for example, to keep things running quickly.

If you’re able to merge multiple scripts into one file, do it. This way there only will be a single retrieving call to the server to load all of the scripts.

Both external and internal links continually have a big influence on how your site ranks.

Here are some tips from search engine marketing services for polishing up your link juice:

A lot of site owners habitually ignore broken links. It might create a less than ideal visitor experience.

In getting search engine marketing services to run a crawl on your website using certain tools you can easily spot the 404 errors and get them fixed.

Exact match anchor text

Any abuse of exact match anchor text may be poisonous as an external linking plan yet still plays a huge part while choosing internal anchor text.

Like anything, do not be spammy, yet if it is relevant – go with it.

Get notices of website mentions by setting Google Alerts.

It’ll help you track your mentions online.

In instances in which those mentions aren’t linked, get in touch with the webmaster and ask that they turn the mention to a link.

5). Get search engine marketing services to perform on-page optimization

The search engines want to help you here. They’ve produced an SEO Starter Guide that is meant for anyone curious about promoting online content through Google search.

Like website architecture, doing the basics, as explained in the guide, will place you above a lot of the competition.

Tell the search engines what your web pages are about

Your search engine marketing services can do that by adding structured data all throughout your website. This way, Google easily can understand what each web page is about.

Schema is the format that is preferred by the search engines.

Schema types involve authors, products, businesses, recipes, and much more.

Create descriptive, brief, and unique titles

Your search engine marketing services can create a title that’s descriptive and natural opposed with a slew of keywords.

Each web page requires a unique title.

Create ‘clickable’ meta descriptions

Although meta descriptions do not have a direct effect on your site’s ranking, they’ll play a substantial part in CTR. In turn, this may boost your traffic.

Therefore, be certain all descriptions are both irresistible to click and unique. If you do not utilize a description or if the search engines don’t like the description, they’ll auto-generate one.

As the search engines continuously shut the door on spammy schemes and techniques, anyone who is serious about digital marketing must take a long view. The aforementioned strategies are not new. However, they do require work and ongoing investment of resources.

Story by Brad Bernanke 



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