The Bubba Card

The Bubba Card


Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

Did you hear presumed Democratic Party presidential nomination frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s fake Southern drawl the other day during remarks made at a black church in Alabama for a commemoration of the 1965 Selma voting-rights march?

I don’t know – it would have been one thing if it had even been a decent fake Southern drawl.

You know, the kind that we hear actors and actresses who aren’t from the South try to use in TV and movies.

But no – Hillary’s was the kind that you would expect from a Yankee who thinks “syrup” when she hears real Southerners talk.

Coca-Cola all the way – straight from the machine.

I half-expected her to turn to somebody sitting alone up on the dais with her and say “y’all.”

(When we all know good and well that “y’all” is plural. Not singular.)

I digress.

What I was wanting to get at here is … Hillary must be feeling some pressure politically, and we’re what, 11 months away from the first votes being cast?

I mean, not only is she turning up the syrup, but she brought along with her to Selma “the first black president,” her husband, Former President Bill.

No doubt she knows that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is going to steal her thunder among African-American voters – who traditionally constitute a large voting bloc in Democratic Party primaries.

But at what risk does she enlist Bubba? And no, I’m not talking about any issues that could arise from his sexual escapades while in office – six years of utter incompetence from Dubya have rather dulled the bad feelings from Lewinskygate, now, haven’t they?

No, the risk is in letting somebody else in the room who can steal her thunder – and Former President Bill can do that without trying.

Seriously, he left the country in much better shape than it’s in now – the budget was in the black, the terrorists were kept at bay, life was good, despite what the folks on the other side tried to say.

For Hillary to play the Former President Bill card this early in the ’08 campaign suggests that she knows that she can’t win the race on her own merits.

This can’t be a good sign for those who want to see her elected two Novembers hence.



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