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Poll: Republican voters don’t think Biden is legit POTUS, make excuses for Trump for Jan. 6

Chris Graham
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Just under half of Republican voters think the 2024 election will be fair, which isn’t surprising, given what Fox News and its conservative-media brethren have been doing in terms of heavy lifting for Donald Trump on that point, what, the past eight years?

The data here comes from a Suffolk University/USA Today poll released this week, which pegs the number of suspicious Republicans at 46 percent.

Democrats, on the other side of the partisan divide, are more concerned about basic things, like the future of democracy, which is only founded because Trump has said that he will act as a dictator and use the machinery of the federal government to exact revenge on people on the other side if he is to be returned to the White House.

The most significant findings from the poll had to do with the impact of the consistent messaging from the fake-news conservative ecosystem on the thinking of Republican voters toward the effort led by Trump to seize power after he lost the 2020 election.

An astounding 59 percent of Republicans think Joe Biden was not the legitimate winner in 2020; 60 percent think the 91 criminal indictments against Trump for his actions related to trying to overturn the election and inappropriate handling of top-secret documents “are inappropriate and should be reversed”; and 62 percent think the rioters who worked in concert with Trump to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, “went too far, but had a point.”

It would appear that the effort on behalf of whoever is doing this to divide and conquer us is working as planned.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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