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Trump defends puppy-killer Noem: ‘She had a bad week. We all have bad weeks’

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Disgraced ex-president Donald Trump, yapping his gums in an interview with MAGA media sycophants Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, dismissed the story about possible running mate Kristi Noem, which was predictable.

The way he did it was hilarious.

“She had a bad week. We all have bad weeks,” said Trump, who most certainly knows about having bad weeks, given how many of them he’s been having lately.

For a guy who complains relentlessly about not having any time to do anything because he has to be in court to defend himself against the 34 felony counts related to trying to throw the 2016 election, Trump seems to have plenty of time to talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the MAGA media with a podcast.

The puppy story involving Noem, the North Dakota governor, incidentally, was a self-inflicted wound, in that the story didn’t get into the public domain through a gotcha from the liberal media, but rather, she wrote about it in a book that she no doubt hoped would buttress her case for being Trump’s VP pick.

Holy crap, right?

Trump offered a unique defense for that one, blaming her ghostwriter, which, hey, makes sense, because it’s not like any of us presumed that she actually wrote the book herself.

“Sometimes you do books, and you have some guy writing a book, and you maybe don’t read it as carefully, you know. You have ghostwriters, too, that help you, and they, in this case, didn’t help too much,” Trump said.

I mean, he knows about ghostwriters – Art of the Deal, he didn’t write that; hell, how much you wanna bet he’s never read it.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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