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Pokémon in the news: Robots being employed to explode hidden Bosnian land mines


pokemonEvery now and again you hear a news story that is so outrageous that it becomes laughable. It isn’t necessarily the facts surrounding the story but rather the interpretation behind the events leading up to the story that tickles our bellies.

At the moment there are several that have made the rounds since the recent release of Niantic’s Pokémon Go, and these are so far off the wall that most people wonder how they ever got pasted there in the first place. Game aficionados dwell in every corner of the earth, some under large boulders while others climb the tallest tree waiting to get a drop on their gaming adversaries. Throughout all this, Pokémon players continues to walk the face of the earth seeking monsters to kill before they fall prey to a newsworthy mishap.


You Can Tell You’re Addicted If…

Probably the funniest newsworthy story could be spotted right from your very own front porch. Those people walking up and down the sidewalks all hours of the day or night with their cell phones held gingerly in front of them are not taking videos of the neighbor next door’s illegal pot grow. They are seeking monsters to kill and Pokéstops to load up on Pokéballs. So, don’t worry, they’re harmless Pokémon enthusiasts, not DEA agents looking for the next big bust!

But, are they addicts? Quite likely by this point in time, but have they gone as far as painting a PAC-MAN game board up their stairs? Probably not. That’s how you can tell you’re an addict like the people who actually did paint their staircase and uploaded photos to be added to the collection of funny pictures found on the Chive website. An addict? For real!


Oliver Stone Says Pokémon Is Turning Players into Robots

Although Oliver Stone has directed some award winning movies, some people believe he’s been reading too many scripts of late. In a recent statement he declared that Pokémon Go is turning us in to a society of robots open to a totalitarian regime. Yes, Stone is known for his conspiracy theories but this is taking it to a whole new level, isn’t it? Many believe he’s a bit over the edge with this one.


Bosnian Agency Advises Pokémon Players of the Dangers of Landmines

No, it’s not funny because it is probably true, but to the average reader who may not be up on all the Bosnian wars and skirmishes of past decades, it might sound like an advertising ploy. In actuality, many of those landmines were never located and deactivated so there really is a potential for Pokémon players to inadvertently step on a mine, blowing themselves up in the process.

But then again, what happens if Oliver Stone’s robots are deployed to the front lines of Bosnia to seek pocket monsters hiding in fields not manned since the last war? Could it be that Stone’s robots were deployed to explode those mines? We may never know unless one of Stone’s robots is taken off line suddenly and mysteriously. Could be a landmine and then again, could be a disruption in digital transmissions. Further details will be disclosed as they are revealed.



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