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Why Milwaukee definitely deserves your attention as a winter camping destination


Consider yourself to be a snow-loving adventurer? Ask yourself: are you missing out on one of the United States’ best winter wonderlands?

With recent changes announced to Wisconsin’s campground pricing, travelers are taking a second look at what the Badger State has to offer. For those willing to brave the cold, Wisconsin boasts a mix of outdoor activities, wildlife and amazing sights that are attractive to out-of-towners.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in renting an RV in Milwaukee or are bold enough to rough it in the snow, take some time to learn why the state deserves a place on your next winter camping wishlist.

Plenty of Places to Set Up Camp

Milwaukee boasts awesome campgrounds for travelers from all walks of life. If you’re traveling via RV, you have the luxury of either staying in close proximity to the city proper or in a more remote location. Sites such as Jellystone in nearby Caledonia offer just about every amenity you could ask for, with hundreds of spaces and full hookups available.

Tent campers might not have too many options in the actual city, but staying just outside offers some great snow camping opportunities. While doing so isn’t for the faint of heart, minimalist campers will embrace the challenge of those freezing nights.

Stellar Sightseeing and Fun Snow Days

But those freezing temperatures likewise means breathtaking sights and snow-based activities for those who are game. Lake Michigan in and of itself is something to behold, especially if you can spot some of the icebergs that pop up from time to time. You can find a number of amazing photo ops from just the variety of shorefront hotspots in the city.

In addition, there are tons of winter family activities for anyone who wants to get moving in the snow. Sledding, tubing and ice skating are naturally popular, as is shoe-showing for those who want something a bit calmer. If you happen to visit during the winter, there are tons of family festivals and celebrations to enjoy, too.

And for those who just can’t take the cold anymore, consider a trip to downtown. The Harley Davidson and Grohmann museums are two popular options for an entertaining after out of the cold.

Wonderful Wildlife Encounters

Getting outdoors in Wisconsin means seeing some of the state’s most famous critters.

Spots such as the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center provide visitors an opportunity to experience nature and get up close and personal with some of the local wildlife. Offering up hikes and trails near Lake Michigan, you can catch a glimpse of hundreds of species of birds at this nature preserve. Taking a trek down to the actual lake is most definitely worthwhile for fishing fans in your family, including an endless array of salmon, trout and whitefish to be had.

At first glance you might not even think twice about trekking up to Wisconsin, but campers should most definitely give the likes of Milwaukee their attention. Between the plethora of accessible campsites and seemingly endless things to do, consider marketing Milwaukee on your map if you’re in the area of just passing through during your next camping road trip.






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