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Letter: Vote for Dan Moxley in 24th Senate race


letter-to-the-editor3Letter from Larry White

I would like to ask all residents of the 24th District voting in Tuesday’s primary to vote for Dan Moxley. Dan is the one candidate who offers hope for Virginia. If we the people are going to see the dangerous courses of our state and our nation corrected, we need to start electing true statesmen, not politicians. We need men of integrity, men who are concerned with the triumph of truth and liberty. We need citizen-servants who will seek civil office because they love America and they love her people. Dan Moxley is just such a man–principled, trustworthy, and God-fearing.

I have known Dan for more than twenty years, both as his personal friend and as his pastor. He has consistently shown that he has both the character and commitment to represent the voters of the 24th District well.

There are many stories I could tell that would evidence my respect for and trust in Dan. For brevity’s sake I will simply say that for more than ten years, when all my children were minors, my wife and I designated in our will that Dan and his wife, Jan, would be given custody of our children in the event of our deaths. We knew that they would do what was best for our children regardless of the personal cost or inconvenience. In the same way, Dan Moxley, if elected, will do what is best for those he represents regardless of the personal cost or inconvenience.

It has been said that a politician thinks about the next election and a statesman thinks about the next generation. Dan has shown me, my family, and all who know him well that he will be a statesman.

For the good of Virginians in this generation and the next, I urge you to vote for Dan Moxley.

Larry White is the pastor at Faith Reformed Church of Lexington, and resides in Bedford.



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