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Launching a career: The power of social media

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CNNMoney added social media marketing jobs to their list of the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Jobs, citing a 9 percent rise in job growth over 10 years. According to LinkedIn, the number of social media positions advertised on the network has increased by 1357% since 2010, indicating even faster growth over the last decade. According to the Pew Research Centre, by fostering connections with colleagues and resources all over the world, these digital platforms have the potential to boost worker productivity.

Over the last few years, the number of people using social media has risen dramatically. LinkedIn, for example, has over 500 million members, while Facebook has over 1,870 million and WhatsApp has over 1,000 million. With such a vast user base, social media is undoubtedly a wonderful tool for boosting your job success because you can connect with a wide range of experts from various fields. While such a platform has the potential to be beneficial, not everyone will be able to attract the necessary attention on various social media sites.

Below we will discuss various ways to utilize social media in order to ensure business success:

1. Use social media to locate businesses in your field

You may advance your career by associating with the proper people and companies. All of the companies with which you might wish to work in the future are on social media. Find companies in your field and connect with them. This technique keeps you informed about important company information, such as job openings.

2. Use social media to show your talent

With the rise of the internet and social media, job seekers and employers may now easily search for opportunities on social media platforms. To take advantage of such a trend, you’ll need to make use of the available social media to promote your abilities and expertise. Perhaps someone is seeking someone who is a wonderful match for your skills! Using a blog or a website to highlight your assets and skills and reach a big audience can be quite beneficial.

A great example of someone who used social media to showcase their talents and create a career through it is 34-year-old model Eva Akhter. She moved to Canada 10 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan, to pursue her goal of being a model. She says that moving to Canada was the best move she had made, but it also made her realize how difficult and competitive it was to become a model – something that Instagram helped her overcome. She was able to start a career thanks to the social media networking app. She is now not only a successful model but also the business mind behind 48 Cubes Inc. and with a t-shirt brand on the way.

3. Learn through other perspectives

New interactions, activities, and trends in the corporate sector can be found on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Use such insights, particularly those that are specific to your field of expertise, to gain new perspectives and ideas regarding your professional progress. Interacting with individuals on various social media sites can provide you with valuable insights regarding taking on a new responsibility at work and can also help you advance your career. On Twitter or Facebook, for example, you can connect with career professionals who can help you steer your career in the proper way.

4. Curate industry-specific content

Employers are eager to learn more about what you can do for them. You may utilize this to your advantage by curating information that focuses on your experience and skills. To disseminate such handpicked material, use social media channels like Twitter and Pinterest. However, if your content is of poor quality, it may be difficult to gain the necessary following and attention on social media. It is recommended to guarantee that you effectively communicate your competence in a specific subject – this is the only method to secure a wide range of professional advancement prospects.

5. Interact with like-minded individuals

People with a wide range of talents, expertise, and experience in various professions can be found on social media. Interaction with the appropriate people can help you advance both personally and professionally. Make sure you make new connections in your field of expertise, connect with them, and have good conversations with them. No one will volunteer to assist you for free. It’s usually a good idea to provide something in exchange for any connections you build so that the other party recognizes your worth.

Final thought

There is no doubt that practically everyone now uses social media, including the young and old, job seekers and employers, buyers and sellers, customers and businesses, and so on. The inference is that social networking can help you advance your career significantly. All you have to do is prepare ahead and execute wisely. Examine and update your social media profile; build worthwhile relationships; demonstrate your skills; and explore and learn.



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