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‘Oppenheimer,’ with seven Oscars, steals the show at the 96th Academy Awards

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Last night at the 96th Oscars, Ryan Gosling performed “I’m Just Ken” from “Barbie,” Messi the dog from “Anatomy of a Fall” did attend, and John Cena presented the Costume Design Award without clothes.

Also, Billie Eilish won her second Oscar for Best Original Song, making her the youngest person to win two Oscars.

“Oppenheimer” won seven awards, making the film the winner of the evening. Jimmy Kimmel was the host for the fourth time and ended his monologue by noting SAG and WGA strikes and thanking all the crew members who didn’t cross the picket line to support the strikers, which included teamsters and truck drivers.

This year, they brought back the beloved presenting style where the past winners of Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress say a few words about the nominees and then present the award. Lupita Nyong’o spoke about Da’Vine Joy Randolph, this year’s Best Supporting Actress winner.

Randolph had a beautiful speech about her win and her mother’s support in her acting career. As she’s swept the award season so far for her role as Mary Lamb in “The Holdovers,” it didn’t come as a shock that she won but still such an exciting and wonderful moment for her.

Robert Downey Jr. won Best Supporting Actor, and in a short acceptance speech, he “thanked his terrible childhood and the Academy, in that order” for the win.

Gotta love a short and to the point acceptance speech.

Emma Stone won Best Actress, and it was a shock to her and everyone watching. The Best Actress category was the tightest race this year, and it was between Emma Stone, for her role in “Poor Things,” and Lily Gladstone, for her role in “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

Many news publications were predicting Gladstone would win (myself included), and seeing Stone win was a surprise. Stone’s performance in “Poor Things” was amazing and unique, and I personally am so happy seeing weird movies win awards.

Gladstone has a long and wonderful career ahead of her, and I can’t wait to see what she’s in next.

As predicted, Cillian Murphy won Best Actor for his title role in “Oppenheimer.” Ben Kingsley introduced Cillian Murphy and mentioned Murphy took the role without reading the script, which speaks to the trust and great partnership Murphy and Nolan have had for the past 20 years.

“Oppenheimer” is the sixth movie the two have worked on together, and it was Murphy’s first starring role in a Nolan film In his acceptance speech, he thanked Nolan, his wife and kids, and the entire cast and crew of “Oppenheimer” and closed the speech out by saying he is a proud Irishman.

This was his first Oscar nomination and win.

Al Pacino presented the Best Picture award in the least climatic way possible. Pacino says a few words, opens the envelope, and says “My eyes see ‘Oppenheimer’ … yes… yes!”. “Oppenheimer” had 13 nominations and won seven Oscars, including Best Picture. As anticipated, “Oppenheimer” did sweep the Oscars this year, and it was well-deserved.

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