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Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

I spent my weekend watching the fine-arts auction on the local public-TV station.

I think this officially makes me an old guy now.

And here’s the catch – I didn’t buy anything.

(If we needed confirmation as to my old-guy status, well …)

It wasn’t for lack of trying that I ended up empty-handed, of course.

“I’m willing to go to … $35,” I remember telling the volunteer on the other end of the line,

The piece that I was trying to get featured a view of The Rotunda at the University of Virginia.

I had entered the bidding at $20 – seven dollars more than the previous bid of $13.

I must have caught the attention of somebody.

“It’s at $21 now, sir,” the volunteer intoned.

“OK, I’ll do $25,” I replied.

This went on for a while – until things got too rich for my blood.

(Though actually, I probably should admit that I took it to $45 before dropping out of the bidding.)

This was my weekend, ladies and germs.

(Yes, life does get so much more enriching after 30.)

I tried to get another piece later on – a painting of some irises entitled, I believe, “Irises.”

The bidding began at $9 – which had me salivating.

“I’ll get this for a song,” I said to myself, ironically in a sing-song.

I bid $12 – and then something funny happened on the way to the forum.

“Alright, I’m saying $30 – but I can’t do any more,” I caught myself saying moments later.

Before falling out of the running.

I felt jinxed.

I felt … like somebody out there was out to get me.

This came to mind when I tried to put a bid on two pieces that I just knew would be mine.

One was a postmodern piece that I decided would look good in my bedroom; the second was a set of teddy bears dressed up like they were on their way to get married.

Both were on the table for less than $10 each.

“I’d like to place a bid on …” I started to say, sensing success around the corner.

“Oh, I’m sorry. The bidding on this board has closed,” I was interrupted.

Leaving me … crestfallen.

The good news is that I think I can use this newfound interest in the arts to my home-decorating advantage.

Which leads me to this question – anybody know a good artist who does pen-and-ink drawings of dogs playing poker? I could use one to go in my family room.


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