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I’ll pay my share


Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

Beep, beep …

The guy behind us in the white luxury car was obviously heading to a fire.

Had to be – he was driving 85, 90, easy.

My wife had been trying to pass a semi on the mountain on the way to Charlottesville – innocently as she could.

“OK, Buster, I’ll get over,” she said, looking back into the rear-view as she signaled.

“I don’t like having to drive that fast, but when you have somebody on your bumper like that, you have to,” she said, noting how she’d had to hit 75 on the speedometer to prevent an accident.

“This is one of those times where you hope you get up the road a few miles and see him pulled over,” I said.

Not thinking that, you know, it might actually happen.

It wasn’t until that night that we heard that it was the weekend for the Virginia State Police to begin their Operation Land, Air and Speed campaign aimed at slowing down aggressive drivers like our friend in the white luxury car.

So when we got a few miles up I-64 and saw the blue lights flashing …

“That couldn’t be,” Crystal said to me as we approached the scene.

“I think … I think it is!”

We could scarcely contain our excitement.

The guy in the white luxury car was filling out some paperwork for a state trooper.

“There is a God,” Crystal said as we passed them by.

Well, we knew that before, but …

It did make us feel better about the world, that’s for sure.

Question – how much do we need to appropriate in next year’s budget to keep this kind of thing going 24-7?a



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