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How to open a store on Amazon in 2022

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To trade around the world even decades ago, it was necessary to do a lot of work. A merchant had to build a huge number of brand branches, connect them with logistics networks, and hire a huge number of employees. With the development of e-commerce, all this has become redundant. It is enough to open a store on Amazon, and you will be able to trade all over the world with your goods. It remains only to find out how to create an Amazon storefront and start your profitable business activity.

Why open an Amazon store?

Just like when trading in a real city, the number of customers will largely depend on the location of your store:

  • if you open a store in the most popular mall, the flow of visitors will be steady and intense.
  • if you open your shop somewhere on the outskirts, no one will know about it except local residents.

The same is true for digital platforms:

  • Amazon is the most popular trading platform in the world. Its brand is immediately identified with a quality mark by consumers. Therefore, when you open a store on Amazon, the rating and reputation of your brand rise automatically.
  • If you just make a separate website for your online store, few people will know about it. You will have to spend a lot of money on advertising and attracting potential consumers.

How to start the process of opening a store on Amazon

To start trading with Amazon, you need to follow the preliminary steps:

  • Register your company in one of the countries with which Amazon cooperates. Make sure that your trademark is also active in the country in which you are going to be active.
  • Open a merchant account and a credit account in the countries with which you are going to trade.
  • Decide for yourself whether you want to open an individual or professional account and whether you want to be an FBM or FBA merchant.

Amazon store registration procedure

  • To get an Amazon account, your application must be approved. Therefore, to begin with, you should open a Seller Central account and indicate all the details of your preferred future store and your company.
  • Once your account is approved, you can register your brand to protect all copyrights on it.
  • Read the terms of service carefully. If you think that once registered, merchants can do whatever they want with their storefronts, you are wrong. If the Amazon trading platform did not set sufficiently high requirements for placing content on it for individual stores, then it would not enjoy such authority and trust among buyers. Amazon cannot check the quality of all products sold, but the quality of the posted content is necessarily controlled

Listing items on Amazon

All the steps taken up to this point were just preparations for the opening of your store. The key to the success of your e-commerce lies in the organization of your store’s digital space. How profitable you present your products to consumers influences whether they will be interested in them.

Based on many years of experience in selling all kinds of goods, Amazon has certain requirements for the quality of photos. You simply cannot upload small-scale photos. In addition, a prerequisite for all pictures is the presentation of products on a white background.

You will have to work hard to ensure that your photos meet all the requirements of Amazon. But be sure, it’s worth it. After all, now, all products will look professional, and buyers will be able to better consider the proposed goods.

Amazon perfectly knows how to make your business successful and will make everything possible to promote your business to the biggest customer community in the world.

Story by Aleks Souschuk



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