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How do moneyline, prop, over/under bets work in NFL betting?

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In two more weeks, football fans will commemorate the 2020 NFL Super Bowl. It is the most awaited sporting event, especially in the United States, as this declares the toughest football team to deserve the Super Bowl 54 crown in store this year. Before the finals start, we’ll witness first the semi-finals round attended by four participants both from AFC and NFC division.

Aside from the competing teams, the betting games are something that every fan looks forward to as it completes their whole 2020 NFL experience. Betting games can provide a broader opportunity for the bettors to earn money.

One of the betting games that every bettor can play in the upcoming NFL finals is the Over/Under bets. Super Bowl Over/Under Betting Odds is the second most popular punt you can play next to Points Spread betting. You don’t need a thorough knowledge when you gamble in the over/under bets since you only need to predict the outcome.

Over/Under Betting

For example, there are two competing teams inside the field working to clinch a once in a lifetime Super Bowl 54 title opportunity, you must predict whether the final score is over/under. However, your prediction must not only depend on your gut feels. You must first study the numbers laid in the Points Spread and Moneyline bets.

Let’s take this, for example, where Kansas City Chiefs will meet Tennessee Titans in the Super Bowl semi-finals to represent the AFC division.

Tennessee Titans
O/V 34.5
Kansas City Chiefs

In this particular match, the Tennessee Titans are listed first as they are the underdog team and the visiting club to the Chief’s homecourt next week in the semis. In the example above, the oddsmaker usually set it in decimal outcomes to avoid any overtime or push rounds. It is also to ensure that the final score can only come in either over or under.

If the final outcome will be the same with the number set by the bookie, all bets are returned evenly. On the other hand, if the final score is 34.5 or under, then the under bets win. If it goes over, then the over bets are winners.

Moneyline Betting

The second most popular betting games that each punter can wager in the Super Bowl 54 is the Moneyline betting. This is the same with the Points Spread and most likely offered in some gambling sites. It’s merely wagering for the team who can win upright, and the money you will earn depends on the value set by the bookies.

Let us show you the same example, as shown above. The same with the Over/Under bets, the visiting team comes first then the host team. Also, the value with a positive mark beside the team means they are the underdogs, and the ones with negative sign are the favorite teams.

Tennessee Titans – (+200)
Kansas City Chiefs – (-150)

For Moneyline betting to work, if you wager for the Titans amounting to $150, you can win $250 as they are the underdogs. On the other hand, if you bet the Chiefs for the same amount, you will gain the $200 and an additional $100, that will give you total earning worth $300.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are also popular betting games you can play in the NFL. If Over/Under and Moneyline betting has to deal with numbers and value, the prop bets come differently. The oddsmaker sets a possible situation in a specific match, and you only need to predict the possible outcome. If your prediction is right, then you can win right away.

Some of the common prop bets that each wager can create are the following.

  • Can the toss coin be heads or tails?
  • Which player will score first?
  • Which team can score more after halftime?
  • Is the final score odd or even?
  • Will the underdog dominate the game over the favorites?
  • Who will win the Super Bowl 54 MVP award?
  • Which player can record double pass yards?

Those are some common situations in prop bets where you can wager right away. You only need to make sure that your prediction is right when the final outcome is delivered to ensure winning.


The betting games you can wager for the upcoming Super Bowl finals can help you earn a satisfying 2020 NFL experience. Remember that we are down to four teams who will meet in the semis next week, and they got statistics that are very close. It also means that the betting games comes more exciting. Therefore, playing the over/under bets, Moneyline, and prop bets can help you earn a substantial amount of money when doing it correctly.



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