Gotta love that Ann Coulter

Gotta love that Ann Coulter


Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

Let’s give Ann Coulter the benefit of the doubt.

Why should we hold her to any standard – you know?

So she called John Edwards a “faggot.”

(And people at the CPAC conference who were on hand for the occasion laughed hysterically.)

Big deal, right?

I mean, it’s not like she called Bill Richardson a “spic.” Or Hillary Clinton a “lezbo.”

Or Barack Obama … well, she could go on for days about Obama.

(Not that she might not be thinking about any of the above. Hey, whatever sells books.)

So what if she’s a bigot – as long as she’s our bigot.

Not to mention that she’s so darn … cute … and not to mention dead-on funny.

Er …

OK, so can I finally cut through the sarcasm here?


This is what gets me the most about Coulter – that she says outlandish thing after outlandish thing about liberals and Democrats and whoever else is on her ugly side at that particular moment in time, then puts on the cloak of pseudo-intellectual respectability whenever somebody calls her out.

“I didn’t use an insulting word. I used a schoolyard word, about a married man with children – for the eight billionth time. And the audience knew that,” Coulter said in her defense.

“I mean, the joke wouldn’t have worked if I had inserted the name of a gay Democrat. Any other Democrat, the name could have been inserted. It could have been Howard Dean or Hillary Clinton, because it’s a schoolyard taunt meaning wuss, meaning nerd, meaning weenie, meaning lame,” Coulter said.

So if she had referred to Barney Frank in the joke, for example, the songbirds at the CPAC conference wouldn’t have cackled back at her the way they did.

You know, because it wouldn’t have made sense.

To refer to him as a “faggot.”

Anybody else, it makes sense – I get it now.


Thanks for coming down from the mountaintop to explain it to us, Oh ConservativeZenSpinMeisterShrew.

Man, there I go now – name-calling.

See what this does to political discourse?

A pandering twit with what appears to be an Adam’s apple protruding from the middle of her neck tries to tell a joke using the word “faggot” to down a partisan on the other side of the political aisle, and the conversation heads straight to the gutter.

Um …

I’m letting this get away from me, but I think my point is made.

You gotta love that Ann Coulter – that’s what I was trying to say.



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