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Gene Zitver: Guess who’s one of Maria Bartiromo’s favorite guests?

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The Washington Post reports:

It is not surprising that Bartiromo would hype an anti-Biden conspiracy theory. Her recent career has been defined both by her sycophantic approach to former president Donald Trump and her elevation of even patently ridiculous assertions. In the wake of the 2020 election, for example, she seized on the idea that rampant fraud had occurred. A Fox executive even noted, in a message unearthed during the lawsuit filed by a company that makes voting machines, that Bartiromo had “GOP conspiracy theorists in her ear and they use her for their message sometimes.”

And no surprise: Congressman Ben Cline has been a frequent subject of her unchallenging “interviews” about alleged Biden criminality and other topics. They usually amount to Bartiromo making dubious assertions and Cline readily agreeing.

Just last month she and Cline agreed that a former business associate of Hunter Biden offered “very damning testimony” about President Biden. (He didn’t.)

If you want to check out more of Cline’s dozens of appearances on Fox Business, many with Bartiromo, go here and type “Ben Cline” in the search box. It would be nice if Cline faced challenging questions from local media as often as he does softballs from the likes of Bartiromo.

Gene Zitver is the editor of ClineWatch.



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