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Free InfoBallot provides voters with nonpartisan ballot information


infoballotA local citizen has created an online, annotated version of the General Election Ballot for the upcoming presidential election.

Using the official sample ballot provided by the Charlottesville Office of Voter Registration, Jessica Otey has added brief, informational “blurbs” over the image, allowing users to explore the format and choices on the ballot they will see on November 8th.

The information is non-partisan and is intended to familiarize voters with the ballot in advance of Election Day. Links are provided so that users may view the source of the information provided.<

Otey says the InfoBallot was inspired by the sample ballot and election materials mailed to all registered voters by the Secretary of State in California, where she grew up.

“There is probably nothing more anxiety-provoking than finding oneself in the voting booth and not understanding what you are being asked to vote on. This has happened to me personally, and so I designed the InfoBallot as a tool that could, in a matter of minutes, give a potential voter some basic facts that would make him or her a more comfortable, prepared voter.”

The InfoBallot is available for viewing on two local sites:

A printable version of the InfoBallot is available at tinyurl.com/InfoBallot-Nov2016-Print.



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