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Engagement ring trends for 2020

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The holiday season is upon us and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a white winter all over north. Every year, this is the time when people get busy buying and wrapping gifts for friends and family. It is also the time of the year when tear-jerker photos of proposals come up everywhere. With this happening worldwide, it is no news that the holiday season is also the season of proposals and engagements.

Whether this is your year to get engaged, or you have been casually browsing through online galleries in preparation for your upcoming engagement in 2020, you want to know what the hottest trends are from now through the next year. Ahead are some of the trends in engagement rings that are going to be big in 2020. Read on.

Georgian-Inspired Style

2020 will see a lot of vintage-inspired designs with a predominance of elements from the Georgian era. Designs from this era is going to be a big impact on engagement rings, as well as on jewelries on the whole, next year.

This trend will be characterized by rose-cut diamonds, cluster and engraved settings, pearl accents, vintage silhouettes and such features that are truly vintage. Aside from a distinct antiquated look which will prevail in the GS Diamonds gallery, rings from this section will also bear the swaggy downtown vibe.

A perfect section to browse for those looking to buck the tradition and embrace sparkle. Full-on glam picks with pearl center stones and pave halos will feature in this section.

More decorative pieces featuring a plethora of cluster gems and hand-detailed engravings will also reign supreme. These rings will be engraved with organic-inspired details that appeal mostly to free spirits and bona fide romantics.

Colored Center Stones

Colored center stones are going to go up in 2020 toppling many top trends of this year. With the popularity of colored gems already on the rise, the next year will witness their supreme reign over the engagement ring section.

Although we have already seen gems in yellow and canary colors in engagement rings all through this year, come 2020 those are going to be replaced by more vibrant and animated tones like purple, blue and pink. These rings are going to appeal greatly not to the classists but also those looking to bust convention and cross over to a more progressive trend.

There will be a general shift from rustic and grey diamonds. Alternately, blue and pink sapphires will rule. Colored stones will find a central place in engagement rings, and they will also claim the secondary place. So, colored accent, side and pave stones are going to be seen in engagement rings 2020.

To couple those vibrant gems will emerge unconventional metals. Platinum will be scarce, and blackened platinum will take over. Together, they will create out-of-the-box combinations that many will find hard to pass. The colored gems will usher back the regal look of Indian maharajas. But if you are not into colored gems, worry not, for there will be lightly tinted diamonds too to indulge the traditionalists.

Aside from pastel tones, soft hues like green, blue, lavender and pink will be common in 2020. These vibrant shades will be accented by their darker counterparts that will give off a rare edgy vibe. Over the top rings featuring multi-colored stone too will find prominence in 2020.

Emerald Cut Rings

In fancy cut rings, emerald will be the new trend. This fancy shape is going to enjoy the spotlight all through 2020 and beyond. The shape, geometric silhouette of the emerald cut will infuse the engagement ring section with elegance and sophistication, and modernity and glamorous in equal parts.

Big chunky emerald cut diamonds will be visible all through this section. These beautifully crafted rings will be the new obsession of the brides-to-be. Some will bear modern twists with three-stone and newer arrangements. These rings will offer a fresh take on the old ring styles that are so popular this year and those before.

In essence, the emerald cut is more antique than modern, and that said, this trend will circle back to the Georgian-inspired trend making it amply clear that vintage will remain a predominant strain in engagement rings in next year.

In emerald cut engagement rings, you will also see a lot of designs in GS Diamonds that will exude sentimental vibes. While some designs will be focused on simplicity, others will be dramatic. All in all, expect to see old worldly charm and new age quirkiness in equal measures.

Multi-Gemmed Bands

Good news for patrons of multi-gem rings. 2020 is going to be the year for multi-gem bands. One would see a lot of new and old accent stylings in the engagement ring section. The designs will range from delicate to glamorous. A mix of shapes and colors will also be visible in the rings. Alternating fancy shapes will be a feature peculiar to this genre.

Studded with stones of many different silhouettes, this trend is going to be more visually impactful. It will bring to the people the opportunity to switch gears with some unconventional pieces that are inarguably divorced from the designs of the previous years.

Classic stones will not be shunned aside for you will still see some classic styles beset with alternate diamonds and sapphires in colors like pink, yellow, blue, etc.

The multi-stone bands will be tastefully decorated to the likings of a traditionalist and packed with gems of modern shapes that will appeal to the ultimate modernist.

Classic Solitaires

Solitaire lovers will be relieved to know that even though minimalism will take a backseat in 2020, there will still be some very prominent option to shop from. This is going to be your perfect excuse to drop the iconic halo and side with the good old solitaire.

Expect to see some extra sparkle in those timeless designs. There will be a surge of royal and conventional designs in this trend. Modern twists will be rife too in the form of fancy and modern gem shapes.

Minimal look will prevail in this trend, but not without significant and standout details.



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