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Crooked Donald: Trump under fire for misleading court to get bond reduced

Chris Graham

donald trump Wonder if House Republicans will turn their investigative focus to the reports that disgraced ex-president Donald Trump misled a court into reducing his $464 million bond by falsely pleading poverty?

ProPublica reported this week that Trump’s legal team called the $464 million bond requirement in his New York fraud case “impossible” because 30 firms that they’d approached to back the bond had turned them down, after Trump had already received an offer from billionaire business Don Hankey to post the full amount.

This is the kind of thing that could get the lawyers disbarred, and put Trump under a whole new legal set of crosshairs for a brand-new set of fraud charges.

“I saw that they were rejected by everyone, and I said, ‘Gee, that doesn’t seem like a difficult bond to post,'” Hankey told ProPublica.

The billionaire owner of Knight Specialty Insurance Co. and self-identified Trump supporter also told ProPublica that he had reached out to Trump’s representatives days before the bond was lowered, and said he would be willing to use real estate as collateral.

That’s significant because Trump’s lawyers had told the court that they had been unable to find anyone willing to accept real estate as collateral.

Funny thing to this story: ProPublica reached out to Trump’s team for comment, and after that happened, Hankey reached back out to the news outlet to backtrack, saying upon reflection that accepting real estate as collateral for the $464 million amount would have been “difficult.”

Yes, of course.

Maybe we can get House Republicans away from their collection of Hunter Biden dick pics long enough to take a look into this one.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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