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Chris Graham: Ixnay on the extra-ay-day at the ACC Tournament


acc tournamentWhen I first heard that the ACC was going to add a fifth day to the ACC Tournament, I was, understandably, overjoyed. The ACC Tournament is my favorite week of the year. One more day of ACC basketball? Count me in. It’s like adding a day to Christmas, right?

Then Wednesday happened. The first day. Seeds 10 through 15 going at it.

There’s a reason these teams are seeds 10 through 15. Even God seemed to say so. With about five minutes left in the first half of the third game, between #11 Georgia Tech and #14 Boston College, the lights went out, literally.

I think that was God’s way of saying, Enough with this nonsense.

(Unfortunately, john swofford overruled him, and there was light, and the basketball continued.)

Nobody was into it, to say the least. I talked to a scalper outside of the arena during a break in the action.

“When does Carolina play?”

“Um, Friday.”

“Friday. Today’s what, Wednesday?”


“Who good is playing tomorrow?”

“I don’t know. Florida State? Clemson? Pitt?”

“This is going to be a long weekend.”

But it gets good on Friday. Virginia, Syracuse and Duke are all legitimate contenders for a #1 seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament. North Carolina has been one of the hotter teams in college basketball that past six weeks. All take the court on Friday.

Friday. Two days from now.

Thursday’s basketball will be a little less mediocre. But we’ll have Friday.



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