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Choosing the perfect plant according to ArtiPlanto

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There is no doubt that plants add the final touches to a carefully designed interior, bringing the look together as a whole. Interior designers often use faux plants, favoring the more realistic looking ones. Based in Montreal and New York, with a recent expansion into Germany, Artiplanto have been supplying top interior designers and the general public with artificial plants that look deceptively like the real thing. Their artificial plants and monsteras have grown rapidly in popularity over the last two years, despite the global pandemic which crippled many companies.

The company website states that all their potted plants are “non-toxic, waterproof, durable, reusable and do not emit any sort of smell.” Faux plants are a safe alternative for pet owners, as many live plants can be toxic. Since faux plants and flowers produce no pollen, allergy sufferers would find benefit in the use of artificial greenery as well. The company offers some tips and advice on how to get the most out of these products.

How can I make faux monsteras look more real?

While expressing the importance of selecting quality products, ArtiPlanto advises potted monstera plants can appear more authentic when placed in a sunlit location. Matching it with a planter or pot and ensuring that faux plants are kept dust-free rounds the presentation off.  It is advisable to place artificial plants in areas where their live counterparts would normally grow, if a sense of authenticity and realism is sought.

Where is the best place to put my Hawaii Kwai palm tree?

Hawaii Kwai palm trees introduce an exotic summertime flavor to many interiors. For home decor, they are commonly paired or grouped together, but can also be used separately in living rooms, kitchens, dining spaces or home offices.

How real is the artificial magnolia tree potted plant?

Magnolia trees are a common flower, preferred in many regions of the country. Often at weddings and formal events these ancient flowers can be found. The real thing does best when the soil is slightly acidic or neutral and poor irrigation can cause yellowing of leaves. Faux magnolia trees manage to capture the look without the need to water and care for the real plant, opening up more creative decorating avenues.

Where can I put my cedar topiary plant?

ArtiPlanto advises that the best place for a cedar topiary is outdoors, although many interior designers use them indoors as well. The company convincingly captures the “seemingly out of control” growth pattern of live cedars, even passing the touch test. With a UV-resistant coating, cedar topiaries are a holiday favorite.

Who is ArtiPlanto?

Identifying a shortcoming in the market is often the formula for success for many a business venture. ArtiPlanto founder did not let the opportunity slip by when in one such opportunity presented itself, saying:  “I was in the market to buy a few premium artificial plants that would be 8ft tall and that would look great, and to my surprise I could not find one, regardless the price point.”

Starting out by supplying top interior designers with fake plants, ArtiPlanto decided to bring the joy of maintenance-free greenery directly to consumers. Through the power of word of mouth and the support of influential interior designers the ArtiPlanto quickly expanded their operations from Montrael and New York into Europe and Germany.

“We opened in Europe last year. We will expand into more decor items, we already expanded into rugs. We are passionate about real plants and trees and we want to do our part. That’s why we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit tree-planting organization that has planted thousands of trees in both the United States and Canada,” an ArtiPlanto spokesperson told the media and continued: “Entering the European market was a revelation. Not only did it define and demonstrate our expansion, but it also helped ArtiPlanto – its perseverance. All sorts of different regulations in Europe that proved to be tricky, but overcoming them was what kept telling us this was meant to be.”

In closing

ArtiPlanto brings maintenance-free plant life into people’s homes. With our lives becoming increasingly busy it becomes easy to neglect live plants. Artificial plants serve to liven up a space without the maintenance needs, remaining green and disease-free all year round.

Story by Giuliana Speranza



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