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Can a small business survive these days without an online presence?


businessWe are in the midst of the digital era, a time when people are increasingly connected to various devices to do everything from getting information to purchase products to maintain friendships with others. It certainly has infiltrated the business world to a great degree. There are simply no large companies that cater to a nationwide or worldwide audience that don’t also have a significant online presence. The competitive disadvantage that they would suffer would simply be too large for them to overcome. As a result, all the power players in the markets have impressive websites, solid social media outlets, and even apps for cell phones to grab the various segments of their audience.

But what about a local business that operates within the confines of a relatively small town or surrounding area? Is it possible for them to operate without making some kind of imprint online? There are certainly cases where a small business can sneak into a small market and eke by without having any kind of online presence. It would be more likely for an established company in the market to be able to withstand the online push. But these exceptions are becoming increasingly rare in this day and age. And the simple reason is that the advantages to a business of marketing their wares online are far greater than the work it takes to get that done.

Once you have decided your business definitely needs to be online in some way, shape or form, SEO Resellers Canada is a great resource to utilize to establish your internet or social media strategies. Here are just some of the things you’ll be missing out on should you refuse to put your business into the online sphere.

Customer Contact

The ability to pinpoint who will be seeing a given piece of marketing material, in terms of their demographics, has long been sought after by marketers. Social media provides that very opportunity, which means you, can target them with startling accuracy and tailor your message depending on who will be receiving it. Short of being able to be transported door to door to every person in your market, you can’t do much better than that.

Feedback Fix

Do you need to know the areas where your customers are particularly pleased with what you’re doing? Even more important, would you like to understand where you could be doing a better job for them? Having a website and social media accounts will ensure that occurs.

Ageing Out

The businesses without social media or websites working in their favor are those that tend to an older demographic. At some point, there won’t be any segment of the buying public that isn’t intimately involved with the internet and all online activities. If you’re starting a business now, you are severely limiting your possible audience by not leaving a digital footprint.

Maybe there is a way to survive in a small market without marketing online. The question remains: Why would you want to?



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