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Another new ACC football scheduling model: UVA gets annual games with UNC, Tech

Chris Graham
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Virginia will get annual football games with North Carolina and Virginia Tech under the new schedule model rolled out by the ACC on Monday.

The conference had to update the model due to the move to add three new schools – Cal, Stanford and SMU – beginning with the 2024 season.

The ACC had just, last year, moved to scrap its divisional model for a new schedule format that guaranteed schools the opportunity to play conference rivals no less than two times every four years.

With 17 schools in the mix now, we’re going from playing everybody at least twice every four years to twice every seven years.

The new schedule sticks with each school playing eight conference games, which is a little disappointing, honestly – the priority still being on protecting the couple of easy wins that come with non-conference scheduling.

College football is a glut of bad matchups that you pretty much already know what the outcome will be before you turn on the TV; this model does nothing to change that.


Virginia, at least, gets annual games with its two biggest rivals, North Carolina and Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech, meanwhile, gets Miami as its other annual guaranteed ACC game, which makes sense, since those two have been following each other around from their Big East days.

One other aspect worth noting from today’s release: the current 14 ACC programs will play a total of three times each in California over the seven years, and none will travel west to California in back-to-back seasons.

Each school’s opponents over the next seven years can be found here as part of year-by-year composite graphics.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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