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Analysis: WWE creative considering changes to WrestleMania 30 lineup?


wwe-wrestlemania30-logoA report on PWInsider suggests that creative at WWE is considering changes to the WrestleMania 30 match lineup, with only one match that has been in the plans for the last several weeks considered a lock.

The lock, according to the report, is John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, a storyline that was breathed to life at Royal Rumble with The Wyatt Family interfering in Cena’s WWE Title match with champ Randy Orton.

Everything else is said to be up in the air. The card that had been in the works had included CM Punk vs. Triple H, which seems to be off, at least publicly, with Punk’s supposed departure from the company. Also in the works had been Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus, Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, and Batista vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title.

With the signing of Sting said to be imminent, the Undertaker match could evolve to Sting-Undertaker, though that doesn’t seem likely at this point. It’s hard to imagine who else ‘Taker could work with, but there is plenty of flexibility, with no ongoing storylines involving The Phenom at this point.

A wild card could be the construction of a storyline with Daniel Bryan and Triple H that would allow Punk to step in at the last minute, and push Bryan over to a triple-threat main event with Batista and Orton for the WWE Title. The intense fan clamor for Bryan and Punk to get top-of-the-card billing could be rattling creative to give fans what they seem to want.

That leaves, at the top of the card, Sheamus and brock lesnar without dance partners. You could do worse in terms of a storyline than putting these two guys together.

Imagine that WM30 card: Orton-Batista-Bryan for the WWE Title, Punk-Triple H with media buzz, Sting-Undertaker as the show stealer two matches down from the main event, Sheamus-Lesnar in a battle of big men, and Cena-Wyatt way, way down the card in a match that could be surprisingly, wildly entertaining at that spot on the card.

To emphasize, there’s still plenty of flexibility, other than Cena-Wyatt, to mix and match the dance partners between now and ‘Mania. Stay tuned.

Column by Chris Graham



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