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7 most common causes of residential water damage

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When you own a home, there are several responsibilities we have to keep it in optimal condition. However, some parts of our house may deteriorate faster over time, and others may lead to issues such as plumbing problems. Water damage can be dangerous for our homes, leading to warping of floors or damage to painted walls. It can also cause pest infestation or the formation of mold.

Residential water damage is a serious problem that every homeowner should attend to immediately. Here are some of the most common causes of residential water damage to prevent further issues:

1.  Extreme weather

Most homes today experience extreme weather conditions due to climate change. Weather conditions such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other natural disturbances may only happen occasionally, but they can cause major water damage to your property. Some weather conditions may cause leaks from the roof and can also develop flash flooding, which can be especially dangerous to the foundation of your house.

2.  Clogged downspouts

Most homes have a rainwater collection system to properly dispose of water through the street sewers. Roof gutters may often collect dust and leaves, which may lead to clogging of downspouts. This problem can cause overflow from your gutters that will run down inside the house and cause damage to your floors, ceilings, and walls.

3.  Pipe leaks

One of the most common types of water damage are pipe leaks. Pipes inside your walls can be difficult to repair if you find out that it has a leak, and moisture on walls can develop into harmful mold. You will need to consider water damage restoration to prevent further expenses.

4.  Jammed drains

There are many reasons that the drains in your bathroom floor, bathtub, and kitchen sink may clog up. These drains may collect grease buildup, dirt, toiletries, hair, or small solid objects that can obstruct the normal function of drainage. This issue can cause flooding and may eventually lead to more water damage to the structure.

5.  Old sprinkler systems

An indoor sprinkler system can save your property from a fire. However, if you have an old sprinkler system that has had little maintenance, there’s a good chance that it can turn itself on even when there is no fire. When the sprinkler system malfunctions, it can be dangerous to our computers, TVs, refrigerators, and other electronic appliances.

6.  Water heater leaks

Another utility in your house that needs regular maintenance would be your water heater. If you have an old unit and no record of periodic maintenance, the chances of it having leaks would be high. Many factors can cause water heater leaks such as too much tank pressure or if there’s not enough water supply.

7.  Air conditioner condensation

Air conditioners produce condensation, which causes moisture to drip from the evaporator coil and straight to the drain pan. If you have a damaged drain pan or a clogged drain with dirt and dust, the air conditioner system may have a problem.

Without proper draining of the system, water may drip inside your home and through your walls, which can damage your paint or cladding. Make sure to perform regular cleaning to prevent more problems.

Water damage can be hard to prevent, but there are many ways that you can protect your house from bigger problems. Remember that water damage can affect your structure aesthetically and its structural integrity. It is always best to perform regular checkups and do home and maintenance to all water components of our house to avoid bigger expenses in the future.



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