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Signs of a skunk infestation on your property

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Skunks are one of those wildlife pests capable of upsetting even the calmest of landowners. They stink, and their presence alone is quite annoying. A skunk living on your property will dig several holes that will leave you questioning the reason for such an atrocious attitude. Skunks dig into many spots to find food, water, and shelter, so your lawns will never look great.

Another annoying fact of a skunk infestation is the smell that is associated with it. Skunks are smelly creatures, and the odor follows them wherever they go.

A threatened skunk will spray its attacker with a foul-smelling liquid that can last up to weeks. When in contact with your skin, it causes severe irritation, and the effects are even worse if it somehow enters your eyes.

Infestation signs

Detecting skunks is rather easier than detecting many other wildlife pests. Skunks leave behind a significant number of signs that clearly show their presence in that area. Additionally, these not-so-subtle signs will help you determine the extent of the infestation.

Here are the clear-cut signs that affirm that there is indeed a skunk infestation on your property.

  • Tracks

Although skunk tracks and raccoon tracks are similar, raccoon tracks show their heels clearly. You will barely see the skunk’s heels and marks since they’re quite visible in its trails. If you can differentiate between a skunk’s tracks and that of a raccoon, you are one step closer to getting rid of them.

  • Damaged properties

Skunks have a bad habit of destroying lawns and gardens as they search for grubs and larvae. They also wreck foundations by burrowing into them for shelter. Skunk activity increases during spring since there is an abundant supply of food and water. If you notice several holes in your garden along with trampled flowers, vegetation, and damaged crop, then a skunk is likely nearby. This damage makes it necessary to get rid of skunks as soon as you can either through DIY skunk removal or hiring a pro.

  • Sighting

Seeing a skunk or several skunks roaming around your property is an obvious indication of skunk infestation. There are different skunk species, but the one we are most familiar with is the striped skunk. Striped skunks have black fur with white stripes on their backs. There is also the spotted skunk that has white spots scattered across its black coat. Female skunks live with their offspring until they are old enough to fend for themselves. Hence, even if you see one, it does not mean that it is the only one around.

  • Unpleasant smell

Skunks stink! There are no two ways about it. If your yard has a putrid odor, then a skunk might just be resting nearby. Skunks will spray pets and humans if they get too close to them. Supervise your pets so that they do not have an unpleasant encounter with a skunk.

Skunk control

The best option for you is to find a pro for help. You should call a licensed wildlife control company. Unlike pest control companies that only handle insect-related issues, wildlife control companies take care of every wildlife pest problem.

Hiring a wildlife control company is better than trying to resolve the issues yourself. Some private experts provide the same quality service as these government-owned animal control companies. They have well-trained staff, equipment, and techniques to get rid of skunks and other wildlife pests.

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