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3 practical tips to drive more traffic to your e-commerce site


e-commerce siteGetting visitors to your new e-commerce store can be difficult when first starting out. It certainly gets a little bit easier when you’re more established, but that doesn’t mean everything’s going to be all kittens and rainbows.

On the contrary, you’ll need to work hard to come up with tactics to drive more traffic to your e-commerce site. If you follow the guidance provided today, you’ll gain access to innovative and exciting techniques that will drive greater levels of engaged traffic to your e-commerce pages.


1. Tap into the Power of Instagram Influencers

Have you ever wanted to come up with quick ways to drive massive amounts of traffic to your e-commerce products? Well, Instagram influencers have huge audiences that they can tap into at a moment’s notice when they start discussing their favorite products online.

On Instagram, there are certain influencers that can really move the needle on product sales. You can connect with these individuals by sending them free samples of your products. If they like the samples, they will tell their audience about them, and in turn this will drive massive amounts of traffic back to your website.

When all’s said and done, you should definitely use this amazing resource readily available at your fingertips. There’s no guarantee these influencers are going to even try your products, but it can’t hurt to reach out to them anyway.

If you make a connection, you could end up finding a brand ambassador and a great new fan that will help turn hundreds of thousands or even millions of other people into fans of your products too. So reach out to these amazing influencers, give them free swag and hope they love your stuff enough to start talking about it on social media platforms, Instagram in particular.


2. Have Friends and Family Members Share Your Products on Social Media

The quickest and easiest way to have your products go viral is to start sharing them on social media. By getting friends and family members involved, they will be able to spread images, videos, and articles to their social media contacts. Before long, their contacts will start sharing your product information and it could eventually end up trending virally.

When you ask friends and family members to share products on social media, you are instantly creating a buzz that will deliver traffic spikes to your e-commerce site. If people like your products enough, they’ll visit your site over and over again.

According to AERO, friends and family can help you achieve greater reach by sharing your e-commerce site on social media platforms.


3. Promote Other Big Brands in a Roundup Blog Post and Share It with Them

Big brands love having free content to share with their readership, so create a roundup post and let these big brands know about it. Before long, they’ll share it with their humongous audience and this will create incredible exposure opportunities for your e-commerce products.



Please use these three practical tips to drive more traffic to your e-commerce website.



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