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Kellie Hahn: McCain strategy to focus on people named Joe probably a mistake in hindsight

Column by Kellie Hahn
Reprinted from Op-Ed News

It all made sense to me last night why, on the night of her debate with Joe Biden, Sarah Palin made a bee line for Biden to ask if she could call him Joe. And I thought she just wanted to deliver her zinger, “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

We were all a little puzzled when Sarah Palin kept referring to Joe Sixpack as her target audience because we didn’t know the secret campaign strategy of the McCain campaign. They have clearly focused on reaching people named Joe for this election. Joe is the ninth most popular name in the country and McCain has put his election hopes directly in their hands.

Thanks to John McCain for introducing the media and therefore America to Joe the Plumber. It is impossible to know how many times I will have to hear of Joe the Plumber between now and the election. But it won’t end there.

Joe the Plumber is, I’m sure, fielding offers of representation from publicists and agents right this very moment. Looks like he will be able to buy that plumbing business after all.

One TV show I was sure could not get worse is “Dancing With The Stars,” but now John McCain has all but ensured that Joe the Plumber will be on the next season of “Dancing With the Stars.” The ass cleavage of Joe the Plumber is going to teach children all across America a lot more than any sex education for kindergardeners that John McCain was so against.

CNN is running a survey right now wanting to know if Americans want more debates. The McCain campaign simply cannot be allowed to pander to people named Joe any longer. Perhaps if the McCain campaign had focused on people not named Joe a little more throughout their campaign, they wouldn’t have to address people that go to Obama’s rallies.


Kellie Hahn is a displaced progressive living in the red state of Kansas; a mother of two teenagers and concerned voter of America.