Giuliani admissions were no accident: Is this the best the Trump team has?

donald trumpRudy Giuliani can’t be that dumb, to just accidentally blurt out, to an incredulous Sean Hannity, that, OK, Donald Trump knew about Michael Cohen paying off Stormy Daniels, oops, can’t believe I said that out loud, got me there.

OK, so that means the Trump inner circle thinks trotting Giuliani on “Hannity” to claim that the payout would not be a matter of concern under campaign-finance law because it was a personal matter would somehow take the pressure off the POTUS.

Admitting that he had been lying, and directing Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to lie, for months in claiming that he had no knowledge of the payout.

To take the pressure off.

Conceding an affair with a porn star that the president has been denying for months.

Because, why pay for her silence if there is nothing for her to be silent about?

To turn down the heat.

Where to begin with this …

We’ll skip past the problems with the, ahem, legal strategy, that became evident with Giuliani’s oops, he did it again confession today on “Fox & Friends” that the payment was done to keep the news from impacting the election.

And the questions that now have to be asked about tax issues related to the payment, and how many of us remember how the feds were eventually able to get Al Capone, and no, it wasn’t on racketeering or other similar type charges involving violence, but rather, tax evasion.

Guiliani is conceding those points – the tax evasion, the campaign-finance law violations, the affair, the lying to the American public, the last of which is not a crime, of course, but even so.

The odd thing to me is that it seems very much a concerted effort on the part of the Trump team to score points in the court of public opinion.

Like “Hannity” and “Fox & Friends” will somehow keep Bob Mueller and SDNY at bay.

This is the best they’ve got.

God save us all.

Column by Chris Graham

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