Deer hunters start setting up trail cameras and tree stands

deer huntersIt’s that beautiful time of year for hunters. The nice weather was good for the summer, the kids being home a couple of months was great, but now it’s time for the deer hunters to get back to what they do. It’s time to start planning. If you’re a hunter and you haven’t been feeling your best then hopefully climbing back into what you do will carry you into better place.

There’s a lot to do, but that’s a good thing for once. The bad thing will actually be when the prepping is over. A lot of us like when we’re in the prepping stages of our interests that require prep. It’s actually kind of sad when we’re done preparing, but all that means in this case is that you’re ready for the hunting to begin.

What is there on the list to do? There are so many great things. A few of the things are setting up trail cameras and tree stands. You want to see what kind of deer activity you’re working with and use those observations to prepare the best way you can.

One thing to do is get rid of the beer belly and make sure you’re in shape. If that isn’t an option then I guess getting your hunting partner to hold your beer while you get a clean shot off isn’t the worst thing, right? Some actual things to do would be clearing trails and checking your gear. Those are simple things, but it seems like the simple things are always what come back to get us. Get all of the gear you need and clear those trails so you can move freely while also knowing you have everything you need.

Another thing you can do is go to the range and make sure your shot is clean. Call of Duty isn’t going to cut it unless you want to shoot trees and dirt this season.

More important things to do (if this applies to you) would be the technical stuff. Get your license and read the necessary regulations. You can’t hunt if you literally can’t hunt. Make sure all of the technical stuff is out of the way so all you have to do is enjoy the season.

The list of things to do goes on and on. Make sure your food planting is good if that is something you do, organize all of your stuff, make sure everything is in place, and maybe even watch some hunting shows to get you even more ready. This is your time.

Continue to make sure every hunting season can be as great of a season as it can be. Don’t slack on what you enjoy doing, that’ll make it less enjoyable and you may lose interest because of that. If this is a good part of your life, treat it as such. Have fun this season and every season after. Thank you for reading and happy hunting.

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