Beef with #IceBucketChallenge?

312_stopthepressesSo you’ve got an issue with the viral #iceBucketChallenge videos in your Facebook feed. Everybody’s doin’ it, and that’s your issue. People are such lemmings. They’re not doing it for the right reasons. They’re just doin’ it to be cool. It’s not about raising money for ALS. It’s just people wanting to be trendy.

You know what? That works, so friggin’ relax. How many of these lemmings had given more than a passing thought to ALS before it became trendy to dump ice on your head? Now it’s over in a way that Mitch Albom, hell, Lou Gehrig couldn’t put it over.

The awareness is part of this, and raising money for research into ALS, which 70-plus years after Lou Gehrig lent his name to the disease is still largely a mystery, is another. The latest figure, from the ALS Association website this morning (Aug. 21), is $41.8 million raised directly from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Sorry that your Facebook news feed is clogged up with people being trendy, but keep it real, yo. Bypass the bucket of ice and make a donation. Use this link to get to the ALS website’s Donate page.

No video necessary, but it would help if you’d quietly challenge three friends who are also too cool for school to dump ice on their heads to join you in the donation game.

Now back to your regularly scheduled snarkiness, no doubt already in progress.




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