Augusta Health continues to see high number of COVID-19 patients

Augusta HealthIn the 24 hours preceding 9 a.m. Wednesday, there were 68 new positive COVID-19 cases diagnosed through Augusta Health testing sites, after a pair of record-setting days over the weekend

The current inpatient COVID-19 census at Augusta Health is 49, according to a release from the hospital today.

Since the beginning of the pandemic more than a year ago, Augusta Health has been using predictive models to project our patient volumes and then to create a detailed Surge Plan to address the increase in both positive cases and admission of COVID-19 patients to the hospital.

The models predict that the increase will continue for several more weeks and that volumes will continue to increase.

“Through our Surge Plan, we are ready to address these surges and provide the care needed to all patients — both COVID-19 patients and others — who need it,” the release said.

More from the release:

“Every day, we evaluate the projections and update our planned response accordingly. This is a dynamic situation that requires agility. We monitor the situation throughout the day and execute the steps needed to take care of current patients and any additional surge expected. It is important that each patient is cared for in the appropriate setting. Very sick, high acuity patients like COVID-19 patients require more resources—both technical and staff—to provide the care they need.

“Any temporary closing of facilities or departments and reassigning of staff is a planned response based on our projections. As the number of positive cases and inpatient admissions increases over the next several weeks—as we project will happen—our planned response will include additional reassignments of space and staff to address these acute needs.”

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