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Armaan Franklin needs to watch some Marial Shayok game tape

armaan franklin
Armaan Franklin. Photo by Dan Grogan.

The rhythm to Armaan Franklin’s mid-range jumper reminds me of a former Virginia player who went on to put up big numbers at Iowa State and the G League and had a cup of coffee in the NBA: Marial Shayok.

When I look at their college numbers, it makes me think that Franklin could actually out-Shayok Shayok, with a minor adjustment.

The minor adjustment: fewer threes.

Franklin, according to the data website Hoop-Math, is shooting 60.5 percent (23-of-38) on two-point jumpers and 62.5 percent (20-of-32) on shots at the rim.

Shayok, in his junior season at Virginia, was 55.7 percent at the rim (49-of-88) and 42.1 percent (53-of-126) on two-point jumpers.

He averaged 8.9 points per game that season before transferring to Iowa State, sitting out a season, then putting up big numbers there, averaging 18.9 points per game.

Mayok’s shooting profile at ISU: 61-of-148 (41.2 percent) on two-point jumpers, and 97-of-130 (74.6 percent) on shots at the rim.

The difference between Franklin and Shayok: the percentage of threes from each.

Shayok’s junior season at UVA had his percentage of threes at 21.3 percent of his total shots; his senior season, the percentage was 39.8 percent.

More than half of Franklin’s shots this season – in fact. 51.0 percent – are threes.

That he’s shooting just 21.9 percent from three-point range suggests a small change in approach from him philosophically might be in order.

Attack off the dribble. Get in the paint. When defenders sag, pull up from 12 to 15 and let it ride.

Franklin needs to channel his inner Marial Shayok to raise his offensive game.

Story by Chris Graham

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