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And starring Seth Rogen as me

Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

Every so often, we sit here around the office and wonder out loud who would play us in the movie – you know, if somebody ever made a movie about life at The New Dominion.

(A tragihorradvencomiromanuementary, I’m guessing. I’m sure it would win an Academy Award. Maybe two.)

But aside from the obvious – they’d need to clone Brad Pitt and George Clooney to get somebody to play me – we’d have to figure out who would play …

Mark Warner. My pick: Willem Dafoe.

Tim Kaine. This one’s easy – Paul Giamatti.

Delacey Skinner. Hmm … Kate Hudson comes to mind.

Bill Bolling. Can we teach James Gandolfini to talk without a Noo Yawk accent?

Bob McDonnell. Ron Howard only directs these days, right? Hmm. Thomas Haden Church.

George Allen. Vince Vaughan.

Jim Gilmore. Ben Kingsley.

Brian Moran. Denis Leary.

Creigh Deeds. This one is tough. Steve Carell, maybe?

Doug Wilder. Easiest one of the bunch. Morgan Freeman.

Larry Sabato. Er, um … how about Larry Sabato.

Quentin Kidd. Billy Bob Thornton.

Bob Gibson. Garrison Keillor.

Waldo Jaquith: Crispen Glover.

Chris Graham. All joking aside, if they didn’t get Seth Rogen to play me, I’d be shocked.