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Ad Watch: Fox News asks McCain to ‘cease and desist’

Item by Chris Graham

What’s the bigger dog-bites-man story here – that Fox News has written a cease-and-desist letter to the McCain-Palin campaign regarding its new web ad, or that YouTube has taken the video down, taking a good bit of the web out of the web ad?

“As Mr. Garrett is a non-partisan news correspondent covering the Obama campaign for Fox News, it is highly inappropriate, among other things, of your campaign to use him in your ad,” Fox News legal and business affairs VP Dianne Brandi wrote to the McCain-Palin campaign today.

The McCain-Palin campaign shot back through a letter by campaign counsel Trevor Potter that it would not accede to the wishes of the conservative news operation. “We respectfully disagree with your suggestion that the Nothing New ad somehow portrays Mr. Garrett (who is not even identified) as anything other than a non-partisan news correspondent covering the campaign,” Potter wrote in a letter obtained by Politico today.

In the meantime, YouTube has taken down a link to the video, citing the issues with the copyright claim from Fox.