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Donald Trump: Speak loudly, and swing your, ahem, big dick

Donald Trump seriously just said on a live TV presidential debate that he has a big dick.

Fox News debate trumps Trump

Donald Trump assumed the Fox News Republican presidential debate would take a ratings hit without Donald Trump. Score this one Fox News 1, Donald Trump 0.

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Obama redux: Sanders camp touts Bernie as best chance to win in November

The Bernie Sanders campaign sent a memo to reporters on Saturday to push the message that the Vermont senator gives Democrats the best chance to win in November.

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Sharia Law is coming to Augusta County: It’s all in the lesson plans

Fox News is reporting on a World Geography class assignment at Riverheads High School. That’s one way to define lesson plan gone wrong.

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New Fox News poll: Trump lead down to one point in GOP race, Clinton lead grows among Dems

Donald Trump has a one-point lead on Ben Carson in the Republican Party presidential nomination race, according to a new poll from Fox News.

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The Chris Graham Show: Republican debate, Daily Show Jon Stewart finale

The Chris Graham Show attempts to make sense of the first Republican presidential debate – Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Fox News and the rest – then shifts gears to say goodbye to Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Winners and Losers: Republican Presidential Debate

Who knew that the folks at FNC could be hard on Republicans? Well, OK, they were hard on Donald Trump, and they don’t seem to think he’s an actual Republican.

Bill O’Reilly wasn’t there? Nice try

Mother Jones and Media Matters are doing their best to bring down Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, and sure, nice try, but it ain’t happening.

Who do you trust? Poll reveals attitudes toward TV news

Half of you still trust NBC News, even after hearing that Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is more raconteur than newsman. The other half don’t, but those of you in this group might not trust the news in general.


Boycott this?

I’m not sure why people get so frothed about starting boycotts. Another one just popped up in my Facebook News Feed about getting advertisers to stop sponsoring Rush Limbaugh, and while I agree that Limbaugh is a waste of space, the boycott stuff seems a waste of time.

Why do we still pay attention to Charles Barkley?

Charles Barkley is right in saying he isn’t Uncle Tom. Give credit to Uncle Tom for at least having some level of education, after all.

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Hunch: Republicans win Senate, with Obama impeachment as spoils?

Republicans took aim at winning a Senate majority in the 2014 midterms early last year, and as of this writing are the odds-on favorite to achieve their aim. The reward: impeachment.

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Supreme Court punts on gay marriage: How the GOP loses the White House, again

That the political winds are pushing Republicans is obvious not only to the Fox News-glued set. UVA politics professor Larry Sabato calls it the sixth-year itch; a second-term president, a lame-duck from the moment he is re-elected, historically struggles in his second midterm elections.

Chris Graham: Race, partisan divide over Ferguson?

How naïve I am: silly white liberal ol’ me thought my visceral reaction to the ongoing police suppression of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, demanding justice for an unarmed black teen shot to death by a police officer two weeks ago would be shared by my friends on the right and left and across the racial divide.

Chris Graham: Immigrant invaders in Staunton

The Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center is housing seven children from Central America have been placed at the center in the past month. Meaning the world, as we know it, is coming to an end.

Ken Plum: The interesting politics of the Medicaid gap

People who could benefit from an expansion of Medicaid that closes the coverage gap by insuring more of the working poor are found throughout the Commonwealth.

Analysis: National media quiet on Kevin Quick case

The Kevin Quick case seems like a made-for-cable-news drama, complete with its own breaking news theme music and endless questioning from the likes of Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren of talking-head former prosecutors and defense attorneys who know nothing about the case but still talk ad nauseam about it anyway.

Analysis: What works people up so much about Fox News?

A new poll from Public Policy Polling on who we trust in TV news – they have to do something when there’s no elections on the horizon – has once again Fox News as both the most trusted and least trusted brand name in news.

Bill O’Reilly: Duck Dynasty’s Robertson wrong to condemn gays, lesbians

Interesting perspective on the manufactured controversy over comments made by “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson equating homosexuality to bestiality, among other hateful comments from, of all sources, Fox News Channel ratings kingpin Bill O’Reilly.


Chris Graham: The War on Christmas

Fox News tells you that you’re supposed to be offended when somebody wishes you “Happy Holidays.” Turns out most of you aren’t offended. A new Public Policy Polling survey – hey, we’re between elections, so they needed something to do – reports that just 22 percent of us are offended at the “Happy Holidays” greeting, with 75 percent saying it’s not a big deal.

Chris Graham: Bipolarity

It must really suck to be Dick Morris right now. Last week, it was a Mitt Romney landslide. Now in addition to the egg on the Fox News contributor’s face in the event of what was in effect a Barack Obama landslide, we’ve got Morris questioning everything he knows about America.

Chris Graham: Seriously, y’all don’t want to play that game

Just reading over my lunch break a scintillating story on the Fox News website about how Media Matters, the liberal media watchdog, has in the minds of the Foxers been flouting its nonprofit status by straying too far into the area of advocacy. Seriously, dudes, y’all don’t want to play that game. I give credit […]

Sanford D. Horn: Juan gone From NPR

The vigorous and immediate support of former NPR commentator Juan Williams, in the wake of his unceremonious dismissal via cell phone, from both sides of the aisle both politically and in the media speaks volumes – especially when Williams has been silenced, albeit only by NPR. For a simple expression of his true feelings, that […]

We’ve met the enemy, and it’s us

I’ve been steering clear of the “controversy” over a Florida pastor’s plans to stage a Koran burning on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. My reasoning: Why waste ink on the guy? So I won’t waste ink on whatever-his-name-is. He’ll either burns a pile of Korans, or he won’t. Which may spark worldwide protests from […]

Stop the Presses | The GOP’s Palin Quandary

Let’s pretend for a minute that I’m a Republican Party strategist. So I’m musing on the news that somehow, some way, Sarah Palin is even more popular among the GOP base now that she’s up and quit her job as governor of Alaska barely halfway through her one term in office, that two-thirds of my […]

Poll Watch: Another poll shows Obama up significantly in Virginia

Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net A Public Policy Polling survey released yesterday gives Barack Obama a solid 51 percent-to-43 percent lead over John McCain in Virginia, the third poll of the week that gives the Democrat a solid working lead. The same poll gave Democrat Mark Warner a commanding 58 percent-to-31 percent margin in his […]

W.R. Marshall: The new McCarthyism of the anti-intellectual right

Column by W.R. Marshall “A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now.” – Thomas Pynchon Why Pynchon? Because he appeals to the intellect. And because it’s literal. There is a screaming across the sky, a constant shrill chorus filling the air. And it has […]

Ad Watch: Fox News asks McCain to ‘cease and desist’

Item by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net What’s the bigger dog-bites-man story here – that Fox News has written a cease-and-desist letter to the McCain-Palin campaign regarding its new web ad, or that YouTube has taken the video down, taking a good bit of the web out of the web ad? “As Mr. Garrett is a non-partisan […]