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6 little known facts about backgammon that will blow your mind

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Backgammon is a game that should perhaps have a greater level of popularity, given the fact that it has been available to play for centuries.

The classic game is thought to have been around for around 5,000 years, it has undergone a number of modifications and updates to ensure that it continues to keep up with demand and retain a certain degree of relevance within the games market.

One notable way in which the game has changed is the fact that it is now available digitally. There are a number of table online titles that are available to play on the internet these days, with players from all around the world able to participate and enjoy this classic game.

However, as the game is thought to be around 5,000 years old (or even older), it would seem that not very many people know about the origin of backgammon.

There will be some that will feel it might have been a game that came about naturally, as certain games sometimes do, but that is not true, as backgammon has been found to originate from an ancient Persian board game called “nard.” The board was used to represent battles and battleships, which is why we still use dice today when playing on it.

As mentioned, backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world, so it should not come as a surprise that there are plenty of interesting little-known facts about it.

In this article, we have decided to provide you with six of the most interesting of them, with each of these revealing something new about what is thought to be the world’s oldest game. Let’s take a look at them below:

1. Romans and Egyptians popularized using dice

Using dice to play backgammon was popularized by Romans and Egyptians – both ancient civilizations were known for their love of gambling. Since backgammon is all about using an element of chance to decide who wins or loses, those two cultures obviously would have had a lot in common with this game.

2. “Backgammon” = “Game on a table”

The name “backgammon” actually comes from an old word that means “game on a table.” That makes sense because backgammon has been played on tables since its inception, although this is perhaps hardly a surprise given the resources (or lack of) that civilization had over 5,000 years ago.

3. Once used as a tool to predict an individual’s future

While backgammon is considered a game of skill today, it used to be a part of a gambling tradition in some parts of the world. Some cultures actually believed that playing backgammon could predict one’s future and even tell them about their destiny! This would explain why some people might still have superstitions about this classic board game.

4. Tournaments are still played around the world

In many countries, there are organized tournaments for backgammon players to compete against others who love this game just as much as they do. One such country is Australia, where tournaments take place regularly at the Australian Backgammon Club (ABC). The ABC has been around since 1993, and it is dedicated to promoting the game and educating new players.

5. One game can take forever to complete, but it can also be sociable

Backgammon is one of those games that can take hours, or even days, to complete. This might seem like a long time for some people but in many cultures, backgammon is considered a way to relax and spend quality time with family members or friends! It is also an easy way to make conversation with others while playing without getting bored, especially as you might have to find something to talk about.

6. Not all versions of backgammon have the same rules

While there are many versions of backgammon out there today, not all of them have the same rules as traditional backgammon does. Some variations may even be played on different types of boards, or with different pieces! This can make it harder for beginners to learn the game and understand what they are doing when playing.


So as you can see, there are plenty of interesting things to know about backgammon, with each of them adding to the appeal and the history of the game.

Story by Catalin Constantin

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