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10 ways VDACS will protect your family in 2020

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesOn New Year’s Day your first thoughts might be “Ate too much,” “More football,” “Loved that parade.”

They also could include, “Thanks, VDACS, for protecting us and keeping us safe.” Here are just 10 of the many ways VDACS does that every day.

  • Ensuring a safe and wholesome food supply
  • Registering charities
  • Monitoring pesticide usage and registering all pesticide products in the state
  • Keeping food animals disease-free
  • Grading food commodities such as poultry, eggs, potatoes and more
  • Planning and practicing the response to emergency situations with food animals, a vehicle accident that releases swarms of bees, a disruption in the food or milk supply, a pesticide spill or other dangerous occurrence
  • Inspecting organizations that offer charitable gaming such as bingo
  • Registering and inspecting pet food, feed, seeds and other non-food products
  • Checking food labels for truthfulness and accuracy
  • Inspecting weighing and measuring devices for accuracy

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