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Former House GOP leader endorses McAuliffe in new TV ad

A 40-year member of the House GOP caucus is endorsing Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor in a new TV ad airing statewide.

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McAuliffe pounces on Cuccinelli equivocation on end to shutdown

Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli isn’t sure whether he would have voted to end the federal government shutdown. Democratic rival Terry McAuliffe is incredulous that Cuccinelli can equivocate on the end to the shutdown.

McDonnell issues terse statement on end to shutdown

Bob McDonnell, liberated from having to be careful about what he says because his political career is winding down post-scandal, offered choice words for lawmakers in Washington at the end to the inane 16-day government shutdown.


Winners/Losers: #TheShutdown

The Republican brand has taken a huge hit. The Senate, in play in the 2014 cycle, now seems a stretch. The House, safe in 2010 and 2012 due to state-level gerrymandering, is now in play for Democrats, in the lead big-time in generic congressional polling.

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Chris Graham: Litigatin’ Ken vs. The Used Car Salesman T-Mac

Charlottesville radio host Rob Schilling asked Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli to spell out the differences between a Cuccinelli administration and a Terry McAuliffe administration.

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Herring: Obenshain too ‘extreme’

Democratic candidate for attorney general Mark Herring outlined his campaign platform at the Metro Richmond Women’s Bar Association Forum on Wednesday.

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Chris Graham: Negotiate, or else

We’ve got your daughter. We don’t want anything bad to happen. But you want to negotiate, we’re ready to negotiate. Isn’t that what it feels like Republicans are doing in this increasingly insane government shutdown fiasco?

Chris Graham: Tea Party Charity

The rules in place at the time of the abusive IRS investigations into Tea Party groups in 2011 and 2012 allowed the groups to file for and receive nonprofit status. That’s not at question. What is at question, to me, is why essentially political organizations can be considered for nonprofit status in the first place?


Mark Warner, Tim Kaine comment on reports that IRS targeted Tea Party groups

Recent reports that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups drew strong criticism from U.S. Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine on Monday.

Chris Graham: The Tea Party and ‘consequences’

Prominent Tea Party types are issuing not-so-veiled threats to congressional Republicans who joined in the bipartisan vote that cut taxes for 99 percent of Americans, but also, distressingly to the Tea Party, raised taxes on wealthy taxpayers.

David Reynolds: Tea, Cuccinelli and me

Moments in political history are hard to spot. However, I think I may have spotted one ten months ago. On Friday, February 10, 2012, at around 2:15 pm, there was a changing of the Old Guard of the Grand Old Party of the Old Dominion. That’s a lot of old. But that’s Virginia. Its past is never past.

Radtke submits ballot petitions

Republican Senate candidate Jamie Radtke submitted 21,522 petition signatures to the State Board of Election on Mondays, with approximately 1,000 to 4,000 signatures in each congressional district. State law requires candidates for statewide office to submit petitions with 10,000 signatures total collected statewide and a minimum 400 signature requirement in each Congressional District to be […]

Radtke raises issue with IRS actions

U.S. Senate candidate Jamie Radtke has asked the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to launch a formal investigation into abusive actions by the Internal Revenue Service toward Tea Party and Patriot organizations. On Friday, Radtke sent a letter to Congressman Darrell Issa describing IRS actions toward conservative organizations currently seeking […]

Poll: Cuccinelli with big early lead in ’13 GOP gubernatorial race

Ken Cuccinelli holds an early 19-point lead in the race for the 2013 Republican Party gubernatorial nomination, according to poll numbers released by Public Policy Polling on Tuesday. The attorney general leads the lieutenant governor by a 44 percent-to-25 percent margin in the PPP survey of GOP voters. The lead is based largely on Cuccinelli’s […]

Chris Graham: Party in the middle

The Tea Party doesn’t like big government. The Occupy movement doesn’t like big business. We’re letting the fringes drive the agenda. Guess who wins? – The media entities that make billions in ad dollars from drawing eyes to the theater of the absurd that is prime-time cable news. Which is to say, nobody’s watching CSPAN […]

Tea Party forum for Senate candidates

The Shenandoah Valley Tea Party Patriots is holding a U.S. Senate Candidates Debate on Thursday, Oct. 20 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Augusta County Government Center, 18 Government Center Way, Verona. Candidates who have committed to be a part of the forum include Kevin Chisholm, Timothy Donner, E.W. Jackson, David McCormick and Jamie Radtke. Tim […]

Radtke blames Allen, Kaine, Obama for Wall Street protests

Tea Party Republican Senate candidate Jamie Radtke today blasted George Allen, Tim Kaine and Barack Obama for playing a part in fueling recent protests on Wall Street against free-market capitalism. In a Tuesday morning interview on WLNI, Radtke told a Lynchburg audience: “Those protesters should be mad at career politicians, like George Allen and Tim […]

Kaine campaign critical of Allen on disaster aid

The Tim Kaine Senate campaign is being critical of Republican George Allen for siding with the Tea Party’s call for budget cuts in exchange for disaster relief. “George Allen attempted to turn a natural disaster into an economic disaster by joining Tea Partiers in Congress who held disaster funding hostage in order to further their […]

Radtke claims foul on debate snub

Republican Senate-nomination candidate Jamie Radtke is raising issue with criteria established by the Virginia Associated Press Managing Editors and the Virginia Capital Correspondents Association for a Senate debate scheduled for December. Candidates must average 15 percent or better in published non-candidate polls and have raised at least 20 percent as much money as their party’s […]

Sanford D. Horn: Whitewashing 9/11

Barack Obama has finally done it. He has issued government edict on how we the people should behave, react, comment and yes, even think, about 9-11, its perpetrators, and the reality of the facts. 1984 and government-speak have become reality. George Orwell would be proud and disturbed all at once. This administration, coupled with the […]

McDonnell backs local delegate on balanced-budget amendment

A resolution proposed by Rockbridge Republican Del. Ben Cline that calls on Congress to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution requiring it to adopt a balanced budget has the support of Gov. Bob McDonnell. “Over the last two years, the federal government has added approximately $3.37 trillion to the national debt, making the […]

Tea Party to McDonnell: Don’t borrow and spend

Tea Party leaders in Virginia have a message for Gov. Bob McDonnell regarding the Republican’s plans to jumpstart transportation improvements with a large issuance of public debt. “Now is the time for Virginia to cut spending and ensure that the essential functions of government, including transportation, are funded without borrowing money or increasing the tax […]

David Reynolds: Think Virginia

This column is not for wine lovers. Rather, it is directed to my conservative friends who have no love for government, who think that all governments are nothing more than intrusions into our private lives, who never met a tax they liked and who believe that all public budgets should be filed under fiction. Sorry, […]

David Reynolds: One more time

I know that many of you are sick and tired of reading and hearing about the election. Only, please, allow one who is in the September of his years to enjoy this November. His football teams are not doing well. Therefore a victory on the field of politics becomes more enjoyable. Thank you. First, we […]

The AFP on WREL: Nov. 5, 2010

AFP editor Chris Graham joins WREL’s “Online with Jim Bresnahan” for their weekly wrap on Virginia news. The focus this week is on the midterm elections. The segment kicks off with a breakdown of the upset in the Fifth District, where Republican Robert Hurt knocked off Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello. Chris also analyzes the upset […]

Rozell: Gridlock could aid Tea Party

Roughly two-thirds of the candidates running on the Tea Party label went down to defeat in Tuesday’s congressional midterms. And yet the new voice of the conservative wing of the Republican Party will get its way almost from the moment the next Congress convenes in January. One word: gridlock. “There’s the irony. The Tea Party […]

Alan Ramsey: Questions about the 2010 elections

I was a Reagan Democrat and Republican activist from ’80-’06. My views have changed as this new-age, anti-Reagan Republican Party has devolved away from the Constitution into a party of extreme hatred and racial, religious and ethnic bigotry, claiming they’re the only “true” patriots and “real” Americans: everyone else is somehow un-American and “liberal” (as […]

David Reynolds: Defining moments

The phone rang. No, it was not three in the morning. It was a far more civilized hour. And a more civilized time. It was 1992. However, as far as I was concerned it was a political wake-up call. “Dave, this is Vivian, how would like to be a Bill Clinton delegate at the Democratic […]

Bradley Rees: A time for choosing

“A political battle is merely a skirmish fought with muskets. A philosophical battle is a nuclear war.” These words were written by Ayn Rand way back in 1964. This sentiment was, at one time, shared by the Tea Party groups that inhabit central Virginia. They understood that the time for fixing those metaphorical rusty bayonets […]

The AFP on WREL: Oct. 15, 2010

AFP editor Chris Graham joins WREL’s “Online with Jim Bresnahan” for their weekly discussion of Virginia politics. The segment begins with a look at the latest in the midterm congressional races in the Fifth and Sixth. Polls show the Tom Perriello-Robert Hurt race in the Fifth to be neck-and-neck. Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte seems […]

David Reynolds: Coffee or tea?

Which shall it be? You say that calling yourself a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent is just fine with you. But those parties are over. Happy days are not here again. Party lines have become blurred. Everyone is serving the same shrimp. We want clear choices to feed on. So we stayed home. No […]

David Cox: Quiet progress

Lately, the federal deficit has been decreasing its increasing. With all the hype over burning Korans, building mosques, protesting Tea Partiers, not to mention the triumph of good over evil of the Redskins beating the Cowboys a week ago Sunday, you might have missed that point of some, if small, consolation. So I’ll repeat: The […]

Odd turn in Clark bankruptcy story

A story in The Daily Progress reporting the personal financial struggles of Fifth District independent congressional candidate Jeffrey Clark has taken an interesting turn. Clark sent out a news release on Tuesday offering to drop out of the Fifth District race if the person who made the information about Clark’s past available to the paper […]

The World According To ChrisGraham.com: I’m staying home

Maybe I’m a grump, I dunno. Actually, I know what it is. We set up a booth at last year’s Augusta County Fair and worked it every night of the fair. The thinking being, We’ll see people we haven’t seen in a while, meet a lot of people, have a general good time in the […]

Ken Plum: To tell the truth

Column by Ken Plum www.kenplum.com   We did not have a television in our home until I was 16 years old. When Dad finally made some extra money raising broiler chickens in addition to his full-time job doing maintenance work on the Norfolk and Western Railroad, he took the extra hundred dollars and bought us […]

Tea, latte and T-Mac

Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   I had a good conversation with a colleague today who happens to be a Tea Partier. I told him how I was planning to write a column today on the shocking vote in Utah over the weekend that ousted Sen. Bob Bennett from the upcoming Senate Republican primary, and […]

David Reynolds: Back to the center

Column by David Reynolds Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net   In order to better understand a subject its best to view it from a different angle. So we headed north, being careful to avoid our subject, the city we love to hate. Yes, your humble scribe traveled to New Jersey to get a better fix on […]

The AFP Show | Some politics, some good writing

   Hosted by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net The AFP Show with Chris Graham is back with interviews featuring two authors with politics on their minds. The guests: – Cole Scrogham, an Augusta County-based writer whose first work of fiction, Blue, is available online. – David McCleary, the author of Leaving Prisons: Release Your Trapped Value, joins […]

Tea, anyone?

   Column by David Reynolds Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net Or should that be, “Tea, everyone?” A few million of my closest friends are having a party. Please join. But I must warn you, there are long lines forming from both the political right – and the left! Still, the bandwagon won’t leave without you. Surprised? […]

The Rant | Hands off my health care

  Video Essay by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Limabaugh, Hannity, Beck, Boehner, DeMint, Chris Graham is calling you out. You want health care to be Obama’s “Waterloo”? You guys must really hate America, not to mention us Americans who have been shouldering the burden of rising health-care costs as your buddies make a mint at our […]