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You ought to know: 5 lucrative horse racing hubs

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With an ancient and rich history, horse racing is indeed one of the most loved sports in the entire world. As a result, many countries have wholly embraced the sport, attracting lots of people and raking in a massive pile of money.

Australia, America, and the United Kingdom are home to some of the most prestigious and well-known races. Regardless, major races are held in other nations, such as Japan, France, and the United Arab Emirates.

As such, bettors around the world have many options of where to watch a thrilling race. On that note, let’s look into some of the best horse racing hubs in the world.


Ireland has a long horse racing history. Practically speaking, the sport is tied to their culture. The earliest recording of horse racing in the country dates back to 110 BC, where there are records of horse racing without chariots and chariot races.

Another thing, take note that Ireland has always been a rural land. So, a rural lifestyle exists in the country, which means the Irish generally know more about horses and have a natural love for the sport itself.

With 26 racetracks to choose from, every bettor is guaranteed to be catered for. These racecourses are well-attended and highly active, with at least 100,000 people attending the races.

With that said, if horse racing at its best is what you’re looking for, Ireland is undoubtedly the perfect place to find it. The best racetracks in Ireland include:

  • Curragh Racecourse Kildare
  • Leopardstown Racecourse Dublin
  • Laytown Racecourse Meath
  • Punchestown Racecourse Kildare
  • Ballybrit Racecourse Galway

South Korea

When it comes to elite sport, South Korea is no stranger. The country’s athletes have shined in events from speed skating to martial arts. However, there is a new sport rising in popularity. Horse racing has begun to make enormous strides in many Asian countries, with owners, trainers, and jockeys all eager to break such a profitable market.

South Korea is becoming a magnate in horse racing, with about $6 billion annual turnovers. The sport is managed by the Korea Racing Authority (KRA), whose goal is to aid people in making good use of their time. Plus, to develop the horse race industry in the country.

What’s more, the horses in Korea are a mixture of foreign-bred and Korean-bred horses. Currently, there are two thoroughbred racetracks in the country, located at Busan and Seoul.


Japan is one of the biggest horse racing hubs in the world. The sports history in the country goes back to the 1860s. Although at first, the sport was for entertaining foreigners, it soon became well-known among the locals.

Moreover, horse racing in Japan is managed by two organizations: the Japan Racing Association (JRA) and the National Association of Racing (NAR). The JRA manages ten racecourses; 1 in Kyushu, 3 in Tokyo, 2 in the North of Honshu, 2 in Kansai, and 2 in Hokkaido.

On the other hand, the NAR manages 24 racecourses. The five most significant horse racing events in the country include the following:

  • Yushun Himba
  • Yasuda Kinen
  • Tenno Sho
  • Japanese Derby
  • Japan Cup


Horse racing is incredibly popular in the United States. The sport goes back to 350 years ago and is now worth billions of dollars. Horse racing in the U.S. is attended, followed, and wagered on by many bettors at different race tracks across the country.

The reason why this sport is prevalent in the U.S. is because of two things. The love of the people to watch the sport and horse race wagering opportunities it provides them. Here are some of the major racetracks in the U.S. you should visit:

  • Churchill Downs
  • Pimlico Race Course
  • Belmont Park
  • Saratoga Racecourse
  • Fair Grounds Race Course
  • Aqueduct Racetrack


Although Australia is popularly known for cricket and rugby, the country has an affluent and prosperous horse racing scene. When it comes to such events, you can rely on the Aussies to broadcast an excellent show.

There are about 360 registered racetracks in the country where thoroughbred racing happens during more or less 3,000 race meetings. Here are some of the notable horse racing events in Australia:

  • The Melbourne Cup
  • The Golden Stakes
  • The Victoria Derby
  • The Caufield Cup
  • The W S Cox Plate
  • Queen Elizabeth Stakes

Sports betting thrives in Australia too. The sports betting industry in the country comes third to Japan and the United Kingdom.

Final thoughts

The countries mentioned in this post are some of the best horse racing hubs in the world. And given the sport’s popularity, it shows that horse racing is not only a sport but a tradition. What’s more, the number of amazing horse races worldwide has energized and strengthened the industry even more. But when you wager, make sure to be smarter with your money and make a good bet.

Story by Caleigh Martin

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