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Winners and Losers: McCain-Palin, NV-Jim Gilmore, reporters arrested at RNC

Compiled by Chris Graham


If they’d vetted her as well as they had the others, and then the ethics investigation and the Bridge to Nowhere line that doesn’t make sense given that she took the money and ran anyway and the, ahem, family issues still came up, at least you tried.

That they didn’t and it all is in front of us now shows that this was a rush job at best.

Which to me raises legitimate questions about the capability of the person who authorized this sloppy process to be an effective leader.


EVEN THE NV IS PILING ON GILMORE: Turn out the lights, the party’s over

The NV hasn’t pulled any punches regarding its disdain for anything having to do with Democrats and liberals and centrists and anything really outside of the ultraconservative global warming-denier Grover Norquist set.

I mean, they even offered the idea that Sarah Palin would make a wonderful vice president. They and like two other papers in the country.

So when the NV threw Jim Gilmore under the bus earlier this week, well …

Warm up the bus, Jim. If you can still afford to put gas in it.


DOING NOTHING AND LIKING IT: Still no news on city-manager search, even that there is one being planned

What I’m hearing is that they’re giving interim city manager Mike Hamp a trial run to demonstrate his ability to do the job long-term.

Which is great, as long as he knows that and everybody on city council knows that. And as long as the interim isn’t, say, three or four months.

And if I’m hearing right on this, it might be good to be a little more public about it. Like city council was the last time the job was open, and a public search that involved a formal process was done to get somebody in place.

Or we can just wing it and see what happens. Which seems to be par for the course in Waynesboro these days.


CHICAGO ’68 COMES BACK TO LIFE 40 YEARS LATER: AP photog, Democracy Now! staff arrested covering demonstrations

Nothing like a little extraconstitutional activity to spice up a political convention.

Thanks to AFP reader Marjorie Nye for tipping me off to this.


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