Winners and Losers: June 27, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

LOSERS: You, me and everybody we know

The State Corporation Commission said today that it has approved Dominion Virginia Power’s request for an 18 percent rate hike.


The average residential utility bill will go up $16.61 a month with the rate increase.

The good news – Dominion deferred about $700 million in cost increases that it is seeing due to increased fuel costs to reduce the hike by 4 percent.


LOSERS: W. will be thisclose

President Bush will be the guest speaker during Monticello’s annual Independence Day celebration next week.

Can I get away with another yippee? Thanks.

He’ll be thisclose, and yet not close enough for us to get on his case about the war, gas prices, energy prices …

(We’ll be lucky if they don’t ask us to leave the Valley for the day, for fear that he might hear our howls of protest from a few mountains over.)


TODAY’S HOT OR NOT: The Clinton expose in Vanity Fair

You know, maybe if the dingbats who pass themselves off as cultural gatekeepers actually read some of the things that they said they did, their sense of what they had to say wouldn’t be so bad.

That’s all I could think after (finally) getting around to reading Todd Purdum’s piece on the post-presidential meanderings of Bill Clinton in this month’s Vanity Fair, which if you read or heard any of the media reports about it was apparently supposed to be all about how Billy Boy was canoodling with actress Gina Gershon, and, you know, not much else.

Turns out that the Gershon part of the story took up exactly one independent clause in the story, which was, and I can say this with authority, because I read THE ENTIRE THING, about criticisms of Clinton including skirt-chasing, questions about his financial dealings and concerns about his mental wellbeing expressed by close friends and associates.

The story, the real story, the one that I read last night, is surface-of-the-sun hot. The media descriptions of it, not so much.

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